Restaurants and Cuisine

Azerbaijan is famous for its rich cuisine, and Baku has countless restaurants serving traditional and modern dishes. Look out for the following on menus:
Plov (rice pilaf) 
Lavangi (stuffed chicken or fish) 
Kufta-Bozbash (soup with meatballs) 
Khangal (a pasta dish) 
Bibar Dolmasi (stuffed peppers) 
Badimjan Dolmasi (stuffed eggplant) 
Yarpag Dolmasi (stuffed grape leaf) 
Kabab (kebab) 
Dovga (yogurt soup) 
Dushbara (dumplings) 
Piti (meat stew) 
Gutab (vegetable or meat-stuffed crêpes) 


"Plov", a rice dish, is called the "king of meals" in Azerbaijan. For an authentic experience, order plov at Kohna Shahar in the Old City. The restaurant is furnished in traditional style with old carpets, ottomans, vintage crockery and musical instruments. Another traditional restaurant in the Old City is Karvansaray, where two medieval caravanserais behind the Maiden’s Tower have been transformed into an inspiring oriental restaurant. It's also worth a trip out to the original Bah-Bah Club, 4 km from Baku city center on the coastal highway towards the airport. There is a branch of the Bah-Bah Club on popular pedestrianized street of Torgovaya (Nizami).

Restaurant Suggestions

Fans of Asian food can head to Chinar restaurant at the bottom of Dagustu Park (Terraced Hills). Before settling down to lunch or dinner, make sure you take a trip up in the funicular railway. Another excellent Asian restaurant is Cio Cio San close to the Jazz Centre or Yuka Kaiten, serving high-end Japanese food.

This cosmopolitan city also caters to the tastes of expats and tourists. If you're yearning for French dishes, visit Paris Bistro. For Russian and Ukrainian Cuisine visit Mari Vanna.

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