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Tai Chi Program

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Tai Chi Program

History of Tai Chi 
The origin and nature of Tai Chi is not historically verifiable at all until around the 1600s when the Chen clan of Chenjiagou (Chen Village, 陳家溝), Henan province, China, appear identified as possessing a unique martial arts system. How the Chen family came to practice their unique style is not clear due to lack of documentation from the formative period and irreconcilable views on the matter abound. What is known is that the other four modern orthodox family styles of tai chi chuan are traced to the teachings in the Chen family village in the early 19th century.

Health benefits of Tai Chi 
Control your breathing, synchronize movements with breathing.

Through movements, interchange of Yin and Yang elements, your body and mind become balanced and get a wellness life. During the lesson, you will need to keep your mind to yourself and focus on just breathing and movements; you should not be disturbed by distracting thoughts. After the lesson you will experience calmness and peace of mind.

Tai Chi Private Lesson with our Tai Chi Master  
The lesson will start with deep breathing exercises that help you focus on yourself and the lesson. The Tai Chi Master the story of “Tai Chi” with the students before starting the meditation. Once you mind has been grounded, Tai Chi Mater will train 3 basic movements, and demonstrate. You will be asked to repeat all movements while the poses are supported and corrected as the lesson progresses.

As you continue taking the lesson regularly, you will learn all 14 basic movements.

Price – 500 RMB per hour per session
Time schedule – Available by appointment
Attire – comfortable footwear, Tai Chi costume will be provided

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