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Responsible Purchasing

Fairmont considers environmentally preferable products where possible. This is a reflection of the Company's environmental stewardship commitment through our Green Partnership program designed to mitigate the impacts of our hotels on the planet.

Environmentally preferable products are those that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment compared with competing products that serve the same purpose. Fairmont will purchase these products where practicable. Additionally, each Fairmont property has made specific arrangements with its suppliers to ensure that the supplier’s practices are consistent with Fairmont’s environmental mandate. 

Please see one of our case studies below:

The Fairmont Winnipeg
In partnership with the hotel Purchasing and Food & Beverage departments, as of May 2007 The Fairmont Winnipeg became 100% Styrofoam free.  Previously Styrofoam containers had been used for outside catering functions. However, the hotel will begin purchasing more environmentally friendly containers. Existing inventory was either donated or sold to the various groups and non-profit organizations.

The Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, Illinois, USA
The Fairmont Chicago has significantly reduced their food waste originally sent to their local landfill by utilizing a food waste decomposition system from BioHitech America.  BioHitech America’s food waste decomposition system is eliminating up to 18 tons of food waste each month, diverting 216 tons of food wastes each year.  The nutrient rich water is discharged right down the drain thus reducing traditional trash hauling.  This particular investment and process change has also resulted in significant cost savings.

Some of Fairmont’s like-minded partners currently include:

The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd. 
North America’s first member of the Ethical Tea Partnership have created a specially branded line called Tea at The Fairmont, served at all hotels. Tea at The Fairmont products are sourced through Fair Trade organizations (in the countries where available), and over the next two years, most of the line is phasing into organic production.

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Eco-Lab is Fairmont's corporate supplier of environmentally preferable sanitation products. This includes laundry products as well as those used in guestrooms and back of house areas.

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BioHitech America
BioHitech America provides a new waste stream process and green technology that reduces organic food waste, minimizing each properties environmental impact. The innovative technology is a perfect addition to the current recycling practices at each hotel.  The stainless steel cabinetry creates the perfect environment to house the food digesting micro-organisms.  By combining heat and moisture in an oxygen rich environment large volumes of food waste will breakdown in less than 24 hours, completely eliminating the waste on site and returning the effluent to our ecosystem as water.

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Fairmont recognizes the importance of its business to local communities especially in terms of local purchasing. To that end, Fairmont strives wherever possible to purchase local products and to help the economies of the communities where we do business. 

The latest example of this is Fairmont’s Kenya portfolio. This collection includes Nairobi’s city-center Norfolk Hotel, the Mount Kenya Safari Club, the Ark and the Mara Safari Club.  Fairmont purchases a number of products from local communities including chicken, fruit, coffee and cheese.