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Water Conservation

The installations of low flow showerheads, low flush toilets and tap aerators are corporate rooms standards. Additionally, all properties participate in sheet and towel exchange programs to conserve water resources by reducing the frequency of laundering guest linens.

A typical occupied hotel room soaks up 218 gallons (825 liters) of water every day. Installation of water-efficient guest fixtures has helped Fairmont decrease water use by an average of 31%. Water-efficient showerheads and tap aerators have already been installed at most hotels, and we continue to replace all toilets that have a flush capacity over 2 gallons.

Engineering initiatives throughout the portfolio have been instrumental in conserving water and include capital works projects such as water-recycling systems for laundry and grounds irrigation.

Please see some of the following case studies below:

The Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, Canada
Under the City of Toronto’s ICI Water Saver Program, industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors are rewarded for demonstrated water savings. In 2005, the hotel installed a commercial water softener that reduced water use in the laundry to one wash and one rinse per cycle, saving 476,000 liters of water per day  - enough water to supply 500 homes!

The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui, Hawaii
In 2006, the property installed a wastewater recycling facility in the hotel’s laundry. This system is capable of recycling 75% of all water used to lauder the hotel’s linens.

The Fairmont Dubai
Tap aerators have been installed throughout the hotel to save water with a reduction of 30% to 35% of the present water consumption. Total water consumption for the entire hotel is estimated at 30 million liters/year. The expected total annual consumption with the installation of water savers on all 3200 taps in the hotel will result in a reduction of approximately 10 million liters.

The Fairmont Southampton
The environmental management program of fresh water and wastewater at the Fairmont Southampton (FSH) is unique and self-sustaining. With more than fifty inches of rainfall annually, the hotel is taking advantage of this natural benefit and designed the collection of rainwater and on site storing below ground. The hotel implemented a one million gallon storage tank that provides significant supply during winter and lower occupancy periods, and a Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO) that provides the additional volume necessary for guest rooms and outlets during high occupancy or drought situations.

The RO plant produces 250,000 gallons of water per week, by removing sodium from salt water.  This combined use of stored rainwater and freshwater, and the resulting gray water from all guest rooms, kitchens, pools and all hotel departments is transferred through drainage piping to the on-site waste treatment facility.