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Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Located on Harrington Sound in the picturesque village of Flatts, BAMZ is a delightful attraction and widely recognized center for conservation, education and research programs.  The Bermuda Biodiversity Project, including the Bermuda Turtle Project, is the umbrella under which research is conducted at BAMZ.  Education and research programs are funded by two non-profit organization, the Bermuda Zoological Society and the US.501(c)(3) Friends of the Bermuda Aquarium.

As well as providing an interesting dayout we are pleased to be able to offer additional special 'member' tours listed below.  Please note all these activities are seasonal throughout the year, therefore depending on the time of your visit some activities may not be available.   

Mangrove Walk, South Shore Beaches and Parks (BAMZ) - Explore the mangroves, South Shore beaches and parks with Bermuda Zoological Society Field Guides. Please note the trail is through rough and uneven terrain, must be physically fit.  

Whale Watch Boat Trips - Humpback whales traditionally pass Bermuda in late March and April as they migrate north, and, although there are no guarantees of spotting them, enjoy a 'whale watch' boat trip designed to see the whales cavort.

Snorkeling at North Rock (BAMZ)
The Bermuda Islands were born as the Earth's tectonic plates separated about 200 million years ago. Hot magma erupted from the mantle to the sea floor and several groups of volcanoes were born. One of these groups was to become the Bermuda chain. Only the Southern side of the crater is still above water level, and that is the part that makes up the Bermuda Islands. On the Northern side, about 10 miles from St George's, stands a solitary outcrop of rocks, marked by a beacon. This outcrop is called North Rock.

The spectacular reef community at North Rock consists largely of the brain coral, great star coral and mustard hill coral. The tops of the reefs lie three to four meters from the surface, separated by sand channels of eight to ten meters. Summer only. 

Nature Encounters For Children (BAMZ) - Special programs are available for children, space is limited for more information please contact the hotel Concierge.

Special 'member' tours are only available through the Concierge and are subject to advance reservation and availability due to the limited numbers of each group. A credit card number is required at the time of booking, refunds not available for no-shows and cancellations.

For more detailed information on these exciting tours, latest research and overseas memberships please check Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo's website.

Nonsuch Island Tours organized through the Bermuda Biological Station from Research - (temporarily suspended due to hurricane damage to the dock)

Nonsuch is a 15-acre island nature reserve recreated as a living museum of the natural habitats, flora and fauna found in Bermuda in the early 1600s. Dr. David Wingate rediscovered the endemic Cahow bird in 1951, thought extinct for over 300 years, and established this island as a safe breeding ground.  Numbers are restricted to this precious reserve and this is a once in a lifetime experience.  Trips are on Thursdays, weather permitting and organized by the Bermuda Biological Station for Research.  Box lunches are included in the fee (all proceeds support environmental research and education at BBSR). Call (441) 297-1880 for more information.

Sports Fishing

The best of sports fishing is available with great fishing companies.

Eureka Charter Fishing: call (441) 296-5414
Mako Fishing Charters: call (441) 295-0835


A variety of charter boats and cruises are available from Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Marina (on request).

Allegro Charters:  call (441) 295-4074
Exclusive Cruises:  call (441) 234-8042
MV Bermuda Longtail:  call (441) 292-0282
Fantasea Cruises: call (441) 236-6339


See the island by sitting on a harness or the Skyrider seat of a parasail!

Fantasea Cruises: call (441) 236-1300
Skyrider Bermuda Co. Ltd.: call (441) 234-3241
St. George's Parasail: call (441) 297-1542

Beach Club

You probably wonder why Bermuda's beaches are pink. Are they blushing? With all the couples who come here on a romantic getaway, just maybe. In reality, the ephemeral hue you see is a result of shell particles, calcium carbonate and bits of crushed coral mixed with sand. 

Debuting in May 2015, the Hamilton Princess Beach Club will offer a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. The Beach Club is nestled on the South Shore of Bermuda and is for the exclusive use of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club guests.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Jet Skiing

Come discover the great world under water by scuba diving! When you participate in a Discover Scuba diving program, you discover excitement and adventure.  Nothing compares to the 'weightless' exhilaration of breathing underwater.  Only a diver knows the feeling.  Explore Bermuda's underwater shipwreck world.  Diving available for novices and certified divers. Please contact our concierge by email for more information.  

Dolphin Encounters

A unique and unforgettable in-water ''encounter'' with bottlenose dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon, located at the Maritime Museum, Dockyard. All Dolphin Quest reservations require full payment for the sessions in advance. Participants must show up 45-minutes prior to session. Must cancel within 24-hours in advance or payment is non-refundable. For more information and reservations, please call 1(800) 223-1818 or contact our concierge.


Guests staying at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club may use the facilities at Pomander Gate Tennis Club, which feature five tennis courts, four of which are lit for night play.

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