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  • Massage Experiences in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper Active | Therapeutic - 60/90 minutes
This deep massage enhances muscle recovery, targeting muscles that are sore from exercise, sports or the tensions of daily life.
Using arnica massage oil, this treatment is aided by heat therapy in the form of hot compresses. A mild soreness may result.

Mountain Stone | Tension relief - 60/90 minutes
Using Swedish techniques, this hot-stone massage involves the application of deep, penetrating warmth with smooth,
heated stones, soothing, organic lavender oil and the power of touch. Muscle tension will melt away, and you will experience
peacefulness and relaxation from the stones’ healing energies.

Golf Performance | Recovery - 60 minutes
Improve your performance and avoid injury with this uniquely designed massage. Through a combination of massage,
stretching and acupressure, this active treatment improves balance and swing rotation for distance and accuracy.

Motherhood (Pre- & Post-Natal) | Treat yourself - 60/90 minutes
This pampering massage gives you the time you need to nurture yourself. A calming blend of essential oils, formulated
specifically for pregnant women, relieves anxiety and stress, balances emotions and alleviates muscle tension. Using a
cushion created specifically for women in their second and third trimesters, this indulgent experience is designed with the safety
and comfort of the mother and child in mind.

Reflection Massage | Aromatherapy - 60/90 minutes
This personalized massage incorporates a range of therapeutic massage oils that help provide relief, healing and balance.
Choose an experience to restore your well-being: relaxing, revitalizing, stress relieving or muscle soothing.

Stress Relief | Restorative - 60/90 minutes
This ultimate, customized, medium-pressure massage
experience with arnica oil, designed for the sole purpose of stress relief, focuses on all of your main tension points—head,
neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Relaxation | Restful - 60/90 minutes
Tailored to your specific needs and preferences, this popular full-body Swedish-style massage increases circulation, assists
lymphatic drainage and promotes relaxation. Unscented organic massage oil and long, smooth strokes soothe muscles, and
stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems.


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