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Relaxation Massage—Light Pressure
Relieve—Calm 60/90 minutes
This light-pressure, full-body, Swedish-style massage is tailored to suit your specific needs. It offers a gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation.

Relieve—Transforming 60/90 minutes
The Hawaiian healing tradition of lomilomi symbolizes transformation by helping us to let go of old patterns that can limit the potential of our lives. It disperses muscle tension through long, rhythmic strokes, enhances circulation and releases blockages, creating a deep sense of kaulike (balance).

Relieve—Ease 60 minutes
One of the world’s oldest healing methods, this unique massage technique targets reflex points in the feet and hands to bring all of the body’s organs back into balance and promote relaxation.

Stress Relief—Medium Pressure
Restore—De-stress 60/90 minutes
This customized, medium-pressure massage focuses on the areas of your body that are most tense—including your head, neck and shoulders—and involves the use of muscle-melting massage oil. This is a great selection after a stressful day.

Maternity Massage
Restore—Nurturing 60/90 minutes
This pampering experience—designed with the safety of the mother and child in mind—involves gentle or unscented lavender oils and support cushions for optimum comfort.

Deep Tissue—Strong Pressure
Results—Muscle recovery 60/90 minutes
This strong-pressure massage enhances muscle recovery by targeting areas that are sore from exercise or just the tension of daily life. Deep muscle work is combined with stretching, rocking and circulation-enhancing strokes to move lactic acid out of the system. A mild soreness may result.

Willow Stream Stone Massage
Results—Deep heat 60/90 minutes
This customized massage uses specific techniques to release and relieve deep-seated tension. The use of hot stones, which are handpicked by our therapists, is interspersed with that of healing hands and our warmed signature ener-g oil. This combination relieves tight muscles and improves mobility, while the aromatic oil uplifts the senses.

Massage enhancements
Healing Hawaiian Oils - Nourish your skin by adding one of the following pure high grade organic oils that heal, hydrate and tone your skin:
Kukui Oil A polynesian secret. Rich in linolenic and linolenic acid essential for the metabolison of healthy radiant skin.
Coconut Oil Excellent hydrator, with protective properties. Good for dry or damaged skin.
Herbal Hawaiian Oil An infusion of oils with local herbs including kava, turmeric, neem, and noni. Good to induce relaxation and detoxify the system. 

The Wave
Results—Deep relaxation 60/90 minutes
A unique treatment table moves with the soft, rhythmic motions of the therapist, creating a deeply relaxing escape. You will feel like you are floating on water when you lie on this revolutionary new massage table that tilts, rotates and rocks to create a weightless sensation. The table’s three-dimensional movements allow therapists to use joint-release techniques and stretch clients’ muscles more effectively. This is the perfect treatment for those who need both a therapeutic and a calming experience. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily.

Outdoor Cabanas
Our three outdoor spa cabanas provide a memorable experience only found on Maui. Surrounded by the stunning view of the resort grounds and soft sounds of the ocean’s rolling waves, our Oceanside, Poolside, or Garden Cabanas are the perfect escape for individuals. Choose from any of our massages (except Willow Stream Stone Massage and Maternity Massage).

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