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Body Experience

  • Body Experience at Willow Stream Spa

Eucalyptus Salt Scrub—60 minutes $179 
Restore – Invigorating 
An exhilarating mineral salt exfoliation is applied in a two-step treatment utilizing salt, rich in mineral and trace elements, mixed with eucalyptus and basil essential oils followed by a loofah scrub with a mineral rich shower/bath gel. Stimulates circulation and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Chamomile Body Polish—60 minutes $169 
Relieve – Smoothing 
A gentle exfoliation with granulated pumice and chamomile to gently refine and renew the skin. An exfoliation loofah mitt with chamomile bath gel follows for deep cleansing. Luxurious dry chamomile spray and lotion application completes the experience. An excellent option for sensitive skin.

Rejuvenating Kur—90 minutes $269
Results – Conditioning 
Prepare for total bliss, in the form of an aromatic Ayurvedic-inspired body massage, herbal cleanser and essential oil moisturizing facial massage. Also includes a specially designed warm-oil treatment and a conditioning mask for the hair and scalp.

Revitalizing Kur—90 minutes $269 
Results – Exfoliating 
This Ayurvedic-inspired treatment restores vitality and stimulates circulation. A body mask of healing herbs exfoliates the skin while removing toxins; afterward, warm, aromatic Bindi oils and a heated wrap leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Sonoma Organic Lavender Kur—90 minutes $269
Results – Relief 
A luxurious lavender bubble bath, with added petitgrain and seaweed extracts, softens the skin, relieves muscle aches and delights the senses; a botanical body wrap reduces stress and improves circulation; and a full-body massage, infused with organic lavender oil, helps you relax.

Pure Ener.g—90 minutes $259 
Restore – Uplifting 
Restore pure energy as the body is uplifted and refreshed. Through a unique blend of bergamot, rose geranium, clary sage and chamomile, this head-to-toe experience provides a sense of renewal which envelops body and mind. The treatment begins with a restorative, remineralizing body exfoliation. The body is then massaged, moisturized, wrapped and nourished with revitalizing essential oils. Includes a foot treatment.

Energizing Detox Kur—90 minutes $249
Relieve – Purifying 
Awaken your senses with this purifying journey of invigoration. Experience a stimulating dry brush exfoliation followed by an energizing, deep cleansing salt scrub imbued with organic juniper essential oil to help detoxify and promote circulation. The body is then wrapped with marine algae for an instant nutrient boost along with intensive grounding and then immersed in a therapeutic magnesium-rich mineral wellness soak with over 60 minerals and trace elements. An invigorating body massage completes the treatment for a firmer, more toned appearance.

Magnesium and Jade Wrap—60 minutes $189
Restore – Replenishing 
Magnesium is an important mineral responsible for promoting energy, sleep, circulation, metabolism and muscle movement. This relaxing yet therapeutic treatment combines the benefits of infra-red and jade and the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels. Body tissues relax and pores open to take in the vital minerals reducing aches and pains. The treatment includes a massage and wrap.

Executive “Meltdown”—60 minutes $179 
Restore – De-stress 
Let go of stress and rediscover your energy. After a brisk back exfoliation, warm stones and hot towels are applied to the back. As the heat penetrates, enjoy a soothing scalp, hand and foot massage. The treatment finishes with a tension-melting back, neck and shoulder massage.

Nourishing Herbal Wrap and Foot Massage—60 minutes $179 
Restore – Sooth 
A stress-relieving, detoxifying herbal body wrap uses deep heat to open the pores and eliminate toxins and excess salts—soothing tired muscles and joints at the same time. Includes a pampering foot massage with an invigorating balm.

Chardonnay Olive-Oil Sugar Polish—60 minutes $169 
Relieve – Pampering
An aromatic exfoliation and moisturizing body treatment combining olive oil, chardonnay grape seed extract, sugar and lavender. A regenerative experience.

Total-Body Recovery—90 minutes $269
Results – Balancing 
A perfect treatment to soothe aches and pains, muscle fatigue or the effects of stress. Begin your healing journey with a soak in an analgesic fango volcanic ash bath, which stimulates circulation and melts away muscle and joint pain, and finish with a dual-action warming and cooling therapeutic stone massage, featuring local products. This experience reduces inflammation as it relieves stiffness and muscles aches, providing both instant and longer-term relief.


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