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  • Body Experience at Willow Stream Spa

Rejuvenating Kur—90 minutes $265 
Conditioning. Prepare for total bliss, in the form of an aromatic Ayurvedic-inspired body massage,herbal mask and facial massage. Also includes a specially designed warm-oil treatment and a conditioning mask for the hair and scalp.

Revitalizing Kur—90 minutes $265 
Exfoliating.This Ayurvedic-inspired treatment restores vitality and stimulates circulation. A bodymask of healing herbs exfoliates the skin while removing toxins; afterward, warm,aromatic Bindi oils and a heated wrap leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Sonoma Organic Lavender Kur—90 minutes $265 
Total Stress Relief. A luxurious lavender bubble bath, with added petigrain and seaweed extracts, softens the skin, relieves muscle aches and delights the senses; a botanical body wrap reduces stress and improves circulation; and a full-body massage, infused with lavender essential oil, helps you relax. 

PURE ener.g—90 minutes $255 
Energizing. Treat yourself to a pure ener.g break. Our total body pure ener.g treatment will revive your spirits with a balancing blend of bergamot, rose geranium, cleary sage and Roman chamomile. It starts with a soothing foot bath, followed by a gentle all-over exfoliation with a remineralizing body scrub. Then, after an energizing massage with a nurturing body emulsion, you will emerge with skin that’s silky soft - and a whole new outlook on the day. 

Thalasso Spirulina Kur—90 minutes $245 
Nourishing. Spirulina—harvested from California’s pure salt lakes, and rich in protein, vitamins,minerals and enzymes—is the key ingredient in this stimulating treatment’s nourishing body wrap. The experience concludes with a hydrating seaweed bath and a massage with marine firming body cream.

Wine and Roses Retreat—90 minutes $235 
Indulgence. Enjoy a gentle dry brush to stimulate your skin and improve circulation, followed by abath infused with chamomile and rose petals. The experience culminates with a soothingmassage and wrap with rose-geranium and rose-flower oil. Pure indulgence for you, your skin and your attitude.

Executive "Meltdown"-60 minutes $175 
Melt away stress. Let go of stress and rediscover your energy. After a brisk back exfoliation, warm stones and hot herbal towels are applied to the back. As the heat penetrates, enjoy a soothing scalp, hand and foot massage. The treatment finishes with a tension-melting back, neck and shoulder massage.  

Herbal Wrap—60 minutes $175 
Detoxifying. A stress-relieving, detoxifying herbal body wrap uses deep heat to open the pores and eliminate toxins and excess salts—soothing tired muscles and joints at the same time.Also includes a pampering foot massage.

Gentle Body Polish—60 minutes $165
Aromatic. Stop and smell the wildflowers. A gentle, smoothing exfoliation with pumice and chamomile is followed by an invigorating loofa scrub with refreshing chamomile bath gel. An application of hydrating chamomile lotion completes the treatment.

Chardonnay Olive-Oil Sugar Polish—60 minutes $165 
Pampering. An aromatic, moisturizing exfoliation—with a heady combination of olive oil,chardonnay grapeseed extract, sugar and lavender—stimulates the mind, body andsenses. A regenerative experience.

Release stress and become weightless on our heated flotation table, which improves circulation and imparts relaxation to your entire body.

Vanilla Float—60 minutes $165 
Decadent. Allow yourself to relax, weightless, on our heated flotation table, during a treatment that begins with a soothing foot soak and a light body exfoliation. Then, enveloped in a decadent vanilla and shea-butter wrap, you’ll receive a gentle face and scalp massage, and, after your treatment, an even sweeter treat: a delicious vanilla float from our spa café.

Warm Ginger-Oil Float—60 minutes $165 
Calming. This healing experience begins with a pressure-point foot massage and a light exfoliation.  Relax in a weightless environment, while warm, antioxidant-rich organic ginger oil penetrates deeply to soothe muscle aches and pains. Enjoy a brief neck, shoulder and face massage that harnesses the curative properties of neroli. The treatment concludes with warm ginger tea and a candied-ginger treat.


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