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Just For Men

  • Just for Men Treatments at Willow Stream Spa

Executive “Meltdown”—60 minutes $179 
Restore – Energize 
Let go of stress and rediscover your energy. After a brisk back exfoliation, warm stones and hot towels are applied to the back. As the heat penetrates, enjoy a soothing scalp, hand and foot massage. The treatment finishes with a tension-melting back, neck and shoulder massage.

Gentlemen’s Facial—60 minutes $175 
Relieve – Hydrating 
This deep-cleansing and revitalizing facial experience is designed specifically for the special needs of men’s skin, including exfoliation and razor-burn relief. To complete the treatment, a face, neck and shoulder massage is performed, making this a traditional barber experience (without the shave). Additional care is taken to analyze the skin for sensitivities and specific conditions.

Men’s “Get Fit” Facial—60 minutes $189 
Results – Clean and Tight with K Lift Technology 
The ultimate firming treatment for modern men, this fitness facial includes a deep cleansing mask, an exfoliation and a face massage. A Red-LED light and an impulse micro-current accelerate cell repair and re-educate muscle tone for a more lifted appearance. The experience concludes with a stress-relieving neck, scalp and shoulder massage.

Invigorating Scalp Experience—60 minutes $145 
Relieve – Revitalize 
Restore vitality to your hair and scalp with botanical tea tree shampoo and conditioner and a customized blend of aromatic essential oils and revitalizing scalp treatment. An invigorating scalp, neck and hand massage completes the luxurious treatment.

Pure Ener.g Pedicure—60 minutes $99 
Restore – Recover 
Revitalize weary feet with Turkish salts and our signature essential oil blend of clary sage, chamomile, bergamot and rose geranium. This treatment will revive and stimulate circulation, as well exfoliate the feet, which are then immersed in  remineralizing salts. Ends with a foot massage using pure organic oil and lotion to deeply smooth and moisturize.

Pure Ener.g Manicure—60 minutes $79 
Restore – Invigorate 
Our signature manicure. This deluxe treatment begins with a soak in thermal minerals and essential blend of clary sage, chamomile, bergamot and rose geranium. Treatment includes a Turkish salt hand exfoliation, ending with a luxurious hand massage with organic essences, aloe vera and jojoba to relieve dry skin.

Foot Grooming for Men—45 minutes $89 
Relief – Relax 
This foot grooming promotes and stimulates circulation as well as revitalizes weary feet. Eucalyptus and Turkish salts exfoliate the feet, which are then immersed in a rejuvenating eucalyptus footbath. Complete with a relaxing foot massage using a therapeutic balm to seal in moisture.

Hand Grooming for Men—45 minutes $69 
Relieve – Clean 
A healthy approach to a traditional manicure, this treatment begins with a soak in thermal minerals and essential oils, continues with a unique Turkish salt hand exfoliation and concludes with a luxurious and hydrating hand massage.

Men’s Haircut—45 minutes $49 

We also recommend these popular experiences for men: 
 * Stress-Relief Massage 
 * Sports Massage

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