Massage - The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

Massage Experience

Relaxation—60/90 minutes $165/$235
Restful. This therapeutic full-body massage, customized to your individual needs, increases circulation, eliminates toxins and reduces stress.

Stress Relief—60/90 minutes $175/$255
Willow Stream signature. This ultimate customized, medium-pressure massage is designed for stress relief, and focuses on all of your main tension points: head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Aromatherapy—60 minutes $175
Restorative. Enhance your massage with aromatic essential oils, which affect muscles and connective tissue on a deep level. Your therapist will assist you in selecting the perfect therapeutic blend for your needs. 

Sonoma Stone—90 minutes $255
Warm ritual. In the past, Native Americans of the Sonoma Valley participated in healing rituals that honored all of the elements, particularly earth and water. Today, indulge in our own warm-stone massage ritual, which uses stone “tools” to soothe muscles and the nervous system. An unparalleled experience.  

Customized Aromatherapy Blend with Foot Soak—90 minutes $245
Tailored. While you consult with your therapist to create a customized aromatherapy blend for your massage, treat your feet to a relaxing soak. After your treatment, you will receive your blend of aromatherapy oils, allowing you to continue the aromatic experience at home. 

Thai—60/90 minutes $195/$275
Ancient tradition. This ancient Thai massage—sometimes referred to as “assisted yoga”—is designed to promote relaxation, healthy circulation and balance. Your therapist performs the treatment on a floor mat, manipulating your pressure points and meridian lines to release stagnant energy. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Watsu®—60 minutes $185
Nurturing. Indulge in a floating massage in our alfresco Watsu® pool, filled with our signature thermal mineral water (maintained at 98 degrees). In this weightless environment, supported by your massage therapist, you’ll perform stretching exercises, receive a Shiatsu massage and experience flowing, unrestricted movement. Utterly relaxing.

Sports—60 minutes $175
Recovery. This vigorous massage uses stretching, friction, compression and pressure-point work to soothe and heal the major muscle groups. 

Barefoot Shiatsu—60 minutes $165
Deep muscle work. In this deep-tissue treatment, your massage therapist uses their body weight and firm foot pressure to enhance energy flow through the meridian lines. A therapeutic alternative to our Deep-Tissue Massage. 

Reflexology—60 minutes $165
One of the world’s oldest healing methods, reflexology is a unique massage technique that applies pressure to the feet and hands, bringing the entire body into balance. 

Maternity—60 minutes $165
For mothers-to-be. Pamper yourself with our Relaxation Massage, performed while you rest on special pillows designed for your comfort and safety. Includes a consultation to address the unique needs of your specific trimester, and a customized aromatherapy blend of vetiver, ylang-ylang, lavender and bergamot. 

Tandem—60 minutes $275
Twice as nice. Take your relaxation to a new level: This treatment is performed by two therapists simultaneously, with smooth movements along the length of the body. For a luxurious finish, during the final 15 minutes, one therapist massages your scalp while the other performs a balancing foot massage.


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