• Massage at Willow Stream Spa

Bermuda Aromatherapy Massage—60/90 minutes
Deeply relaxing
This personalized experience applies the art of light to medium-pressure massage using fragrant, pure essential oils. These oils are selected by you and your therapist to address specific concerns and induce deep relaxation.

Stress Relief—60/90 minutes
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The ultimate customized, medium-pressure massage, designed for the sole purpose of stress relief, focuses on all main tension points: head, neck, shoulders and back.  Your feet are massaged with a blend of rosemary, pine and menthol essential oils, then cocooned in warm aromatherapy booties.

Bermuda Stone—60/90 minutes
Tension melting
This traditional hot-stone massage eases muscle tension with deep heat, leaving your body relaxed and humming with vitality. The treatment begins with an application of warm bindi oil, followed by a massage using warm, smooth basalt stones, relieving muscle tension throughout your body.

Maternity—60 minutes
Using a table specifically designed to accommodate pregnant women, this pampering experience has the safety and comfort of mother and child in mind. For women following their first trimester.

Reflexology—60 minutes
One of the world’s oldest healing methods, reflexology is a unique massage technique that applies pressure to the feet and hands, bringing the entire body into balance. Add a footbath to elevate this experience to a whole new level.

Sports—60/90 minutes
This vigorous massage uses stretching, friction, compression and pressure-point work to soothe and heal the major muscle groups. Great for pre- or post-workout!

Relaxation Massage—60/90 minutes
Tailored to your specific needs or preferences, this popular, light- to medium-pressure, full-body Swedish-style massage increases circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage and promotes relaxation.

Side-by-side experiences
Our spacious spa suite features breathtaking ocean views of the South Shore.

Ritual for Two—90 minutes
Enjoy spa time together in our luxurious couples’ suite, which features a specialty tub. Following your therapist’s instructions, you will choose from a variety of muds, masks and baths, and then be left alone to perform the treatments on each other. During the remainder of your time, you’ll receive side-by-side aromatherapy massages.

Rejuvenation Retreat—90 minutes
Romantic escape
It’s just what you need in our warm climate. This side-by-side experience engages all the senses in tropical splendour. Begin with a refreshing footbath, followed by a dry-brush exfoliation to stimulate circulation and prepare the skin for our tropical essence-oil application—featuring flower essences and exotic sweet lime. Next, a foot massage of vital energy points relieves tension and blockages. Euphoria is made complete with a scalp massage and a mini face treatment.

Side-by-Side Massage—60 minutes
The perfect gift to give each other is time together. Let the pressures of everyday life melt away with side-by-side massages, performed in our couples’ suite. Choose from relaxation, stress relief or deep tissue at time of booking.


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