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Beijing’s Best City Parks

Beihai Park

Beihai Park has a wonderful atmosphere all year round and is one of the biggest and most picturesque in the city. Over a thousand years old, Beihai served as an imperial pleasure ground for five dynasties. Their 69 hectare is filled with halls, pavilions, gateways and gardens-many of them built during the culturally proficient Emperor Qianlong’s dynasty.

Address :Beihai Park 1 Wenjin jie, Xicheng district.


This garden is a historical landmark and a popular tourist destination. The park offers plenty of options. You can explore the ruins and learn about its history or lounge by the lakeside.

Address: Yuan Ming Yuan 28 Qinghua Xi Lu, Haidian district.

Beijing’s Best City Theme Parks

Happy Valley 

This is the biggest and slickest of Beijing’s amusement parks, with over 40 rides spread over seven themed zones. For those with kids (or a lack of nerves), there are gentler offerings here that have much shorter lines, as well as activities such as face painting  or cruising the park in a two-person buggy .

Address:  Xiaowuji Beilu, Dongsihuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Happy Magic Water Cube 

The largest outdoor water park in Beijing, it has twice as many rides as the Olympic Water Cube. The park was packed when we visited, but, unlike Happy Valley, lines are minimal, if not nonexistent. The majority of punters are inexplicably drawn to the fake concrete beach and wave pool.


Address :Xiaotun Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


Beijing’s Best Museums

Beijing’s Ancient Architecture Museum

A restored Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)temple is the location of Beijing’s first architecture museum; the outdoor exhibits and picturesque grounds make it feel more like touring a section of the Summer Place than a stuffy museum.The indoor exhibitions give highly specific details on ancient construction techniques, materials and various styles of architecture-charting the development of Chinese construction from mud huts onwards.perfect for design and building enthusiasts, or anyone interested in Chinese history.

Address: Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum 21 Dongjing jie, Xicheng district 

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