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Greening our Operations: Supply Chain

In 2010, we developed an Environmental Procurement Program to minimize ecological impacts through the selection of our suppliers and products. The environmental standards and guidelines set out in this program provide us with a framework to assist in understanding how our suppliers have minimized environmental impacts and how environmental considerations are integrated into the products that they offer.

As part of Fairmont’s commitment to sustainability, we strive to go beyond our own immediate operations and positively impact sustainability performance outside of our day-to-day operations. This reflects not only our desire to enhance sustainability practices, but also the recognition that we have responsibility and the ability to influence other organizations.

In order to provide our guests with a luxury experience, we depend on a range of suppliers, both at the local and corporate-level. As a result, we are focused on understanding the sustainability practices of these suppliers and working to improve and build on existing initiatives. We believe sustainable procurement not only focuses on the products, but also considers the sustainability of the overall operations of our suppliers.

To assist in understanding sustainability practices and encourage continuous improvement of sustainability operations at our suppliers, we developed the Supplier Management Program. The Program focuses on engaging with both our Corporate and local-level suppliers in a manner that promotes further integration of sustainability practices into their operations and the sharing of best practices across our network of suppliers.

As part of the Program, we created supplier management tools (i.e., a Supplier Profile Form and Supplier Declaration Form), to collect and assess the sustainability efforts of our suppliers in a uniform and consistent manner. These tools will assist Fairmont in better understanding the sustainability practices of our suppliers and provide a basis to score, rank and monitor improvements across our diverse range of suppliers.

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