Exhale Spa

Exhale Spa

Bermuda engages all your senses. The sights, sounds, tastes and scents of a tropical island are dazzling, new experiences wait around every corner, and new adventures keep adrenaline levels at an all-time high. In the midst of all this activity, take a moment. Pause. Soak it all in. Spend a little time at the spa. Overlooking Hamilton’s beautiful harbour, this 5,400 square foot facility is a peaceful oasis devoted to relaxation and vibrant health.

Unwind with an outdoor yoga class on the poolside pavilion, or deepen your stretch with a Pilates or Barre class in the beautiful Mind Body gym and studio. Chill out in the Zen Lounge or let your cares float away while you enjoy a manicure. The nine treatment rooms, four manicure stations and two pedicure thrones are all devoted to pampering, offering an amazing menu of head-to-toe treatments. Treat yourself to a special After Sun Facial after a day at the beach or let yourself melt with a long luxurious massage. If you want to pick up the pace again after all that relaxation, you can jump into an exhilarating fitness class like Core Fusion Extreme. For the ultimate relaxing treat, why not have a pool-side lunch.


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Spa Fitness

Fitness Centre

Tired of all the relaxation? Why not avail of our 2,150-square foot fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment by Technogym which spans two stories and overlooks the stunning Hamilton Harbour.

The Fitness Centre is open daily 7am until 8pm

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, A Fairmont Managed Hotel


Immerse yourself in Bermudian culture, our iconic moongate is a long lasting local tradition where newlyweds walking through hand-in-hand are graced with a long and happy marriage. Experience the love within our resort grounds at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.