Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba Culinary Activities, Tastings and Cooking Classes

Learn from the experts with our cooking classes

Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba offers cooking classes where you can prepare some of chef´s dishes or other exclusive recipes. The cooking class can be complemented with a private mescal, tequila or craft beer tasting seminar where you can learn how to pair this traditional Mexican spirit with antojitos (tapas). Additionally, Fairmont Mayakoba offers edible insect degustations. Varieties include: dried grasshoppers, maguey worms, ant eggs, crayfish and escamoles ( a larvae from the chicatana ant). These insects are considered a delicacy in Mexico, as they are not harvested but collected by hand during specific seasons.
This activity has an additional cost and must be reserved 72-hours in advance with mayakoba@fairmont.com

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Fairmont Mayakoba Heritage Place

Fairmont Mayakoba Heritage Place

Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba is located in the heart of Mexico's Riviera Maya.