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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge?
The Lodge is one of the vacation Ownership industry’s most recognized properties. The sixty-three home property is an elite home club offering all the benefits of owning your own vacation home, plus so much more: exquisite two-and three bedroom homes, luxury amenities and the personalized world-class service that only Fairmont delivers. Ownership provides opportunities for vacationing not only to the acclaimed destination of Telluride, Colorado but also to any one of Fairmont’s abundant world-class destinations. Owners may also take advantage of Fairmont’s rental services and distribution networks to facilitate rentals on an Owner’s behalf.

How is the Ownership of a Home conveyed?
The Lodge offers a variety of usage (Fixed and Float) plans and interest (1/20th, 1/10th and 1/5th) sizes. Owners are able to customize their Ownership to match their individual needs. Ownership title is conveyed to the Owner by a deed, which is recorded and is guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Each Fairmont Heritage Place Owner will own a deeded fee simple interest in one or more homes. Purchase provides Owners access to homes within their Ownership types and usage plans as well as all common areas and amenities.

Will Owners have storage space services available?
Yes. The Lodge provides Owners with storage vessels for the storage of personal items, sporting equipment etc. This popular amenity allows for convenient hassle free travel and the customization of their home to make it truly feel like home.

Do Owners pay Ownership dues?
Yes. Owners of Fairmont Heritage Place pay dues to their Home Owners Association. These dues pay for the professional management and operation of the property.

What are the Ownership benefits?
Owners have access to all Club facilities while in residence including the world-class Himmel Spa and a wide array of fitness facilities and equipment. Agreements for the use of amenities within the Club may only be extended to the Owner. Properties are equipped with full service business centres, conference rooms, and Club Houses – perfect for communal events. Fairmont Heritage Place Owners also receive special recognition within the loyalty program, entitling them to upgrades and many other privileges at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Owners may convert a portion of their time at any Fairmont, Fairmont Heritage Place, Raffles and Swissotel’s worldwide. They may also use the Lodge’s partnership with The Registry Collection for even more travel options. Owners may convert a portion of their time at any other Fairmont Heritage Place property or within the resort manager’s portfolio of destinations.

Owners may also take advantage of Fairmont’s rental services and distribution networks to facilitate rentals on an Owner’s behalf.

Can a Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge interest be sold?
Yes. Like any real estate the Owner’s interest can be sold, willed, and transferred by the Owner, subject to governing documents of the resort and the type of interest conveyed.

Do Owners always stay at the same home?
The type of interest owned generally determines the home in which an Owner will stay. The Fixed Usage Plan guarantees that an Owner will always stay in the home in which they purchased an interest. The Floating Usage Plans allows an Owner to experience a variety of different homes. Under this floating plan the Reservation Priority Systems provides for the equitable assignment of homes based on Owner’s request, supply and demand and where the Owners priority position falls within a given year.

During the off seasons of spring and fall the Lodge provides Owners with Bonus Time allowing them to reserve multiple weeks and homes throughout the property subject to availability.

Will Owners be able to use Fairmont Heritage Place facilities on a daily basis?
Yes, these benefits are available to Owners year round, regardless of whether the Owner is in home. Owners can use the facility’s services (except transportation) and common areas when not staying overnight. Privileges are based on availability, with priority given to people in occupancy, and may be subject to an additional fee.

Can unaccompanied guests be sent to vacation in the Homes?
Yes. Owners may send unaccompanied guests to the Lodge during any of the Owner’s planned/owned weeks. In order to assist in preserving availability for all Owners, unaccompanied guests may not stay at the Lodge during Space Available/Heritage Time. Your guest will have all the benefits that you have as an Owner during their stay. When not in home, guests may accompany Owners to enjoy the Lodge’s amenities and services subject to availability.

Does the Lodge provide rental opportunities?
Yes. Owners have the opportunity of renting their owned time through Fairmont’s worldwide reservations network. Rental availability is limited by the amount of time submitted by Owners for rent.


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