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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fairmont Heritage Place?
Fairmont Heritage Place is an luxury Private Residence Club offering all the benefits of owning your own vacation home, plus so much more: luxury amenities and the personalized world-class service that only Fairmont delivers.

Why was the concept developed?
Fairmont Heritage Place offers an alternative to expensive and less spacious luxury hotel rooms while conveying real estate ownership in an exotic and valuable location. Fairmont Heritage Place provides more convenience. It has more services and amenities than are provided by an equally luxurious condominium or hotel and provides Owners with abundant business and leisure use while reducing the real estate price through shared ownership.

How is the Ownership of a Home conveyed?
Through a Fractional Ownership structure in terms of a share of a separate registered shareblock company owning each property.

Is Fairmont Heritage Place a typical interval Ownership development?
No. The only way in which this luxury product can be deemed similar to interval Ownership, or timesharing, is that time is the factor used to split up usage and ownership of the property. In every other way, it is fundamentally superior and different. Fairmont Heritage Place offers the benefits of a second home along with an assortment of additional benefits such as access to all of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ amenities and facilities.

How often can Owners use a Home?
Owners reserve specific time periods in advance to ensure they secure their desired vacation time. Owners are provided with additional variety through reciprocal use options where they can trade their vacation time at any other Fairmont Heritage Place location or any property in the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio, subject to the ownership rules and regulations of each Fairmont Heritage Place location and hotel availability.

Will Owners have storage space services available?
Depending upon the Fairmont Heritage Place location, owners may be able to store personal items, like sporting equipment, year round providing a safe and convenient alternative to packing.

Do Owners pay Ownership dues?
Yes. Owners of Fairmont Heritage Place pay dues to the Home Owners Association or similar entity. These dues pay for the professional management, insurance, operation of the property and more.

What are the Ownership benefits?
Owners have full access to all Club facilities while in residence including championship golf courses, world-class spas, tennis, and a wide array of fitness facilities and equipment, depending upon the location. Agreements for the use of amenities within the Club may only be extended to the Owner. Properties are equipped with specific services and amenities relevant to each location and may include business centers, conference rooms, and Club Houses – perfect for communal events. Fairmont Heritage Place Owners receive special loyalty program status entitling them to the best available upgrades and many other privileges at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Owners may convert a portion of their time at any other Fairmont Heritage Place property.

Can unaccompanied guests be sent to vacation in the Homes?
Yes. Guests may stay at the Homes unaccompanied during your Home and Club weeks. Your guest will have all the benefits that you as an Owner have, during their stay.

Will Fairmont Heritage Place continue to add new destinations?
Fairmont Heritage Place is expanding its portfolio into the future. Watch closely for the press releases to come as Fairmont Heritage Place creates more sensational destination opportunities for you to experience and own.

Can a Fairmont Heritage Place Ownership be sold?
Yes. Like any real estate, the Owner’s interest can be sold, willed, and transferred by the Owner, subject to governing documents of the development, the type of interest conveyed, and local real estate laws.

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