Meet Our Dogs - Ella & Elly

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is Pet Friendly

Guests are welcome to bring their four-legged family members to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The pet fee is currently waived and the animal must not be left unattended in the room. Service dogs are always welcome and exempt of charges.

All pets staying at the hotel receive:

  • Welcome mat in the room
  • Pet dish
  • Welcome treat
  • Information sheet on pet activities
Hands down, the most popular employees at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver are our two lovable Canine Ambassadors who always give our guests a ‘paw-sitively’ warm welcome. 
In 2017, the hotel welcomed Ella, a three-year-old Labrador/Golden Retriever mix, and Eleanor (Elly for short), a three-year-old Black Labrador. Ella and Elly, were trainees with BC & Alberta Guide Dogs, however, they proved too social for a career as a guide dog. Luckily for us, that makes them perfect hotel dogs! 
That’s usually the first question we get about the dogs. Ella and Elly don’t live at the hotel, but they do come to work 5 days a week with their owners. Elly lives with her mom, Debbie, Concierge at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for 22 years. Ella lives with her dad, Darren, Fairmont Gold Manager and 28 year Hotel Vancouver alum. 
Not all puppies that are trained to be guide dogs are suited for the job. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was on the wait list for dogs that were better suited to the hospitality industry and were lucky enough to receive a call about the girls. Just like any other colleague, their medical care is covered and they go on vacation with their families. Though they are the only two allowed to nap on the job!
In a small world coincidence, the families who trained them as puppies knew each other – so they were happy to be reunited when they showed up for work! Just a few months apart in age, Ella and Elly are both 4 years old. Ella (blonde) is the more rambunctious of the two. She loves to give kisses, is an avid swimmer and is terrified of cats. Elly (black lab) is the more stoic of the pair. She loves treats, long naps and running through the trees at Pacific Spirit Park. Ella & Elly are best friends and even wear matching best friend heart pendants.
If you’re staying with us, bring your furry friend with you! Your four-legged loved one will receive a cozy bed, special treat and you can even order from our Canine In-Room Dining Menu (PDF). Whether you’re travelling and crave a little canine companionship or you live locally and want to stop by, you can say hello to Ella and Elly at the concierge desk at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.