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Mindful Moments


Mindfulness is a mental skill that can be improved and is considered to be focusing attention to the present moment we are in, while observing things around and inside us without being judgemental. 

At Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, we proudly focus on being more mindful ourselves and support our partners and guests to be less stressed, more productive and focused to achieve life goals, whatever they might be… Discover techniques for an unbiased approach and improve your skills for well-being in the comforting environment of Fairmont. With this perspective in mind, we created various Mindfulness Practices in our Willow Stream Spa and at meetings for different needs in cooperation with Mindfulness Academy. 

Here is what we offer:

Private Mindfulness Sessions

With a private mindfulness coach, you can work on being mindful in your daily life and learn how to use this technique to improve your life and reach your goals. Private lessons can be arranged for any time slot that fits you. 

For more information: 0212 403 86 93,

Mindful Tuesdays

Mindful Tuesday is a mindfulness group workshop and is for those who enjoy working with others. With a mindfulness coach assisting you, you can work on being mindful in your daily life and learn how to use this technique to improve your life and reach your goals. Why not join this activity with your friends, colleagues or loved ones? Closed group classes may also be organized.

For more information: 0212 403 86 93,

“Mindful Moments Program” – 8 weeks

"Mindful Moments" program is a more enhanced program with a full schedule covering all aspects of mindfulness and lasts for 8 weeks. Starting with an overall introduction to Being Mindful, it also focuses on managing our feelings, stress and anxiety, how to be kinder to ourselves and others, acceptance, self-confidence, drawing personal lines, thankfulness and such… The eight week mindfulness program is designed with lectures, activities, feedback and some homework and reading to ensure participants gain a conscious awareness and handle life with ease and efficiency.

(Sample Schedule)

Week 1 - Mindfulness, Focus, Awareness. Exercise

Week 2 - Managing feelings, knowing yourself, ego. Exercise

Week 3 - Managing stress and anxiety, pain. Exercise

Week 4 - Kindness, empathy, acceptance, self-confidence & trust. Exercise

Week 5 – Mindful communication, drawing personal lines, managing clashes. Exercise

Week 6 - Emotional flexibility, cognitive power. Exercise 

Week 7 - Mindfulness at work, innovation. Exercise

Week 8 - Thankfulness, learning from experiences, motivation. Exercise

For more information: 0212 403 86 93,

Mindful Meetings 

We include a mindfulness slot into our regular meeting packages; a mindfulness exercise relieving participants the stress of daily work life, giving hints of innovative techniques enabling them to improve focusing skills. Experience a mindful coffee break that will ensure the efficiency of your meeting.

For more information:

Why attend Mindfulness Activities? 

• To improve "being present" in life

• To have techniques to help you achieve your life goals

• To establish balanced and positive relations with people

• To improve work-life balance

* if applicable
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