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Jasper Sustainability

Situated in Alberta's magnificent Jasper National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the iconic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge resort invites you to experience our Great Canadian Lodge, surrounded by nature and abundant wildlife.

The property employs a full time Sustainability Special Projects Manager who directs the sustainable initiatives of the Lodge which are laid out by AccorHotels Planet 21 program. This program is made up of 16 mandatory sustainable actions and 70 voluntary actions categorized into 6 pillars: Guests, People, Partners, Community, Food & Beverage and Buildings.

Guests at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


Eco-Friendly Amenities
Fairmont’s Signature Scent: Le Labo’s Rose 31  

Le Labo’s bottles are made from 100% recycled water & soft drink bottles, and are themselves 100% recyclable. Hunter uses PCR plastics (Post Consumer Recycled). All PCR plastic bottles are able to be recycled again and again. All Le Labo’s liquids are biodegradable, the caps are fully recyclable, labels are printed with soy inks, soaps are all biodegradable and soap wrappers are printed with soy inks and recyclable.

We’re committed to conserving our planet’s natural resources, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge guests can help conserve water and energy by participating in our optional towel and linen exchange program. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge holds a 5 Key Green Key Eco Rating & a 4 Key Green Key Meeting rating that allows us to offer eco-friendly meeting options to our clients.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge offers two electric car charging stations for guests to use, free of charge.

People at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


The Lodge’s Sustainability Committee is made up of hotel employees who are passionate about the environment. The team is constantly creating new, unique ways to improve the sustainability of the Lodge’s operation. The committee participates in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up, property cleanups and volunteering within the Jasper community. This committee is dedicated to guiding the environmental responsibilities of the colleagues at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge both in their work and personal lives.

Partners at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


In September of 2015, a group of enthusiastic grade 10 students from Jasper High school began the Loon Nest Project on Lac Beauvert. While loon populations in Canada are doing quite well, they often have difficulty nesting. The students created an artificial nest that now sits on Lac Beauvert. As of May, 2016 the pair of loons took to the nest and laid their eggs in a place away from predators. The first chick hatched safe and sound on June 9, 2016.

Awards and Accolades
•  Green Key’s Environmental Award 2017
    Hotel Association of Canada’s Awards of Excellence
•  Green Key Eco Rating - 5 Green Keys
•  Green Key Meeting Rating - 4 Green Keys

The Jasper Community


Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge donated 450 banquet chairs to local churches and organizations in Jasper, and continues to donate the crayons from our children’s menus to Wildflowers Childcare in Jasper.

We support greener agriculture with our Give a Tree campaign as part of the Plant for the Planet program. We encourage giving a tree as a truly sustainable present that lasts a lifetime. Planting a tree has hundreds of benefits for the planet and its people. Our collective goal with AccorHotels is to have 10 million trees planted by 2021.

Give a tree today

Food and Beverage Initiatives


Our culinary team is delighted to serve local, organic, and sustainable menu items whenever possible. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge participates in the Ocean Wise sustainability food program

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has its own greenhouse on property where many micro greens, herbs and succulents are grown and used in our kitchens and lounges for our guests to enjoy.

In February 2018, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge introduced an Outlaw the Straw program to reduce the use of plastic straws at the Lodge. Straws are now offered by request. As of July 1st 2018, all straws in the hotel will be paper.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has pledged to #BePlasticWise through OceanWise. In an effort to do so, we will be offering glasses and pitchers on our rooms for consuming our glacier fed tap water in place of plastic water bottles.

Our water begins its journey as century old glaciers above Maligne Lake. Flowing into the Lake in the spring via the Maligne River, it works its way across the 22.5km lake, emptying into the Maligne River. The river then flows into Medicine Lake. From Medicine Lake to Mailgne Canyon is one of Canada's greatest underground water systems. Known as a Karst System, the water flows underground through an unmapped series of underground caves covering 14km and emptying into Maligne Canyon. In summer that trip can take less than 12 hours, in Winter, it takes 88 hours to make that same trip.The water travels underground from Maligne Canyon through the limestone into Lakes Annette, Edith, Beauvert and the Athabasca River. The reason Lac Beauvert is crystal clear water, is because it is solely filled via underground springs originating in Maligne Canyon, not that it is fed by any incoming streams carrying glacial silt. The water entering is perfectly filtered, resulting in the ability to see the bottom of the lake, even at 85 feet. Throughout the year, Lac Beauvert serves as our source of drinking water here at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Filtered and chlorinated on site under the administration of Alberta Health, we have some of the cleanest, freshest water in Canada.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


Water saving fixtures can be found all throughout the property. Our showerheads and tap aerators are designed to decrease our water consumption. At the moment we have decreased our water consumption by 6,500m³/month. We have recently installed Variable Frequency Pumps that run on demand to decrease energy and target our water usage.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is currently undergoing a multi-year, multi-phase renovation project which includes upgrading to more energy and water efficient equipment. Each renovation has sustainable objectives and helps to decrease the Lodge’s carbon footprint.

We are in the process of changing all of our light bulbs on property to LED bulbs. We monitor the energy consumption of the entire property on a monthly basis and have already noticed a decrease in energy usage.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, protects our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf through our Audubon Certification. This program enhances the valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide, improve efficiency, and minimize potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has an extensive recycling program including aluminum and tin, chemicals, cooking oil, glass, metal, paper & carton, non-deposit and deposit plastics as well as a composting program. We work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging involved with delivered products, and return packaging upon delivery wherever possible. All used light bulbs and batteries are recycled, and colleagues receive replacement energy efficient light bulbs for their residence units free of charge.

The property-based environmental actions, in partnership with Parks Canada, has demonstrated how a large resort can help improve their environmental performance through sustainable business practices, while demonstrating sound financial results. The unique and innovative environmental initiatives demonstrated at this property showcase the principles of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and its leadership role in environmental stewardship.

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