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2-3 Hour Itinerary

  • St. Michael's Golden Domed Monastery

Walking Tour

If you have 2-3 hours to spare, we recommend the following walking sightseeing tour and explore the history of the old and the new city. There is the funicular located next to the hotel. It connects historic Podil district with the uppertown. It’s a fast way to get to the city centre (tokens are available from our concierge). Start your journey with the funicular, which will take you to  St. Michael's Golden Domed Monastery. It is a functioning monastery. Uneclipsed frescoes and wealth make the monastery a unique monument. Despite a long-time reconstruction initiated after the Mongol-Tatar invasion, the current structure does not differ in architecture and style of its ancestor. Then take your right and head to Volodymyrska Girka (Volodymyr Hill), where you will find the monument to Prince Volodymyr - one of the oldest symbols of Kyiv. Volodymyrska Girka has a great panoramic view and is, therefore, a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

Go down the hill to Yevropeys’ka Ploshcha (European Square) and take your right to Maidan Nezalezhnosti (the Independence Square) - the main square of the capital - and Khreshchatyk - the main street of Kiev. On weekends the street is closed for traffic and open for pedestrians only, making it a popular destination for tourists. After seeing the monument to Berehynia, the monument to Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, the legendary founders of Kiev, and the city's historic protector Archangel Michael, make you way back up the Sofiyska street.

Just as you go up the hill you see another attraction - St. Sofia Cathedral. The cathedral was built in XI century. It is famous for having 260 m² of mosaics and 3000 m² of frescoes. There are hardly any churches in Europe that preserve so many frescoes of XI century.

Now proceed to the Myhailivska Square and walk past The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, follow the Desyatynna Street. It will take you to St. Andrew's Church. The church was erected in 1754 by the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. It attracts a huge number of tourists with its rich decoration, unsurpassed icons, architecture and its stunning location with picturesque views and cobbled stone roads of the historic Kiev. 

After, follow St. Andrews Descent to get back to the Podil district. St. Andrews Descent is a historic street, which unites past with present. Similar to French Montmartre and Moscow's Arbat modern St. Andrew’s Descent is rich in artists, who exhibit their paintings, glass and ceramics, wooden figurines, jewellery, toys and more. It’s a good place to shop for authentically local souvenirs. And in the house numbered 13 there is the Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. The museum very well conveys the life and creativity of the Kiev-born Russian writer.

When you descent follow Sagaidachnogo Street towards the hotel and if the weather is nice, have a refreshing drink in one of the cafés on the way. 

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