Fitness & Wellness Programs


We offer an array of complimentary indoor/outdoor fitness & wellness classes that are designed to help guests maintain their wellness goals and routines while they are traveling. Our yoga and meditation sessions are suitable for all experience levels. Yoga mats and in-room wellness packages are available complimentary for in-house guests. These amenities can be picked-up from Concierge.

Fitness and wellness classes are complimentary for guests of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Pilates Move and Stretch (In Person)
Maybe you've spent the past few days climbing mountains or clocking up the Km's on the trails. Whatever your chosen activity, a little rest and recovery never hurt. This hour long class will provide gentle movements focused on building strength and stability while stretching the muscles to allow for quicker recovery to get you back outside!

Sun and Sweat Outdoor Bootcamp (Outdoors)
Summer in the Rockies is definitely something to write home about! So why not make the most of our backyard and join Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness instructor for an hour outside in our Sun and Sweat Outdoor Bootcamp class. Something fun for all fitness abilities, while taking in the breathtaking views.

Post Hike Stretch Out (In Person)
Wind down after a long day out in the mountains with our Post Hike Stretch Out. Taking in the last of the day’s sunshine, we'll stretch down and relax in the blissful summer evening warmth. Even if you just sipped away the day with champagne on the patio, this is the best way to end the day.

Rise and Shine Morning Stretch (Outdoors)
Wake up, stretch out and take in the fresh mountain air before heading out for your adventure filled day or even just sitting down to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness instructor will have you ready to take on the day with this gentle 45 minute outdoor stretch.

Core Strength and Stretch (In Person)
Join our Fairmont Fitness instructor Gemma, in this hour long combo class focused on building strength and stability through the core, paired with a relaxing stretch out to finish off.

Stretch and Roll (In Person)
Join our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, to wind down after a day of adventuring. Our 45 minute class with simple stretches and the use of a foam roller and massage balls to help fatigued muscles recover faster, will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for another day outdoors tomorrow.

Low Intensity Training (In Person)
Not every workout needs to leave you gasping for air. Our low intensity training classes provide an effective workout without the extra impact and strain on the body. Don't worry though, you'll still know you've had a good workout once Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness instructor has taken you through this hour long class.

Lake Shore Run Club (Outdoors)
Get the blood pumping and the legs moving first thing in the morning, while enjoying the incredible mountain views we have to offer in Lake Louise. Join our Fairmont Fitness instructor Gemma for a light hearted jog along the lake shore to start the day. Suitable for any fitness levels or jogging abilities, this class is all about enjoying the morning mountain air, rather than training for a marathon.


Reservations are essential for all classes. Participants must be at least 13 years old.

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