Fitness & Wellness Programs


We offer an array of complimentary indoor/outdoor fitness & wellness classes that are designed to help guests maintain their wellness goals and routines while they are traveling. Our fitness classes are suitable for all experience levels. Yoga mats and in-room wellness packages are available complimentary for in-house guests. These amenities can be picked-up from Concierge.

Fitness and wellness classes are complimentary for guests of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Pre Ski Stretch
Wake up, stretch out and set yourself up for a beautiful day before heading out for a day on the slopes, getting in some snowshoeing or even just sitting down to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness instructor will have you ready to take on the day with this gentle, full body 45 minute stretch.  

Cardio Combo
Not knowing what to expect in life is half the fun, why should working out be any different? This class could be anything and everything that will get your heart rate pumping, combined with a little strength and a little stretching, this class is a mixed bag of fun for all. Our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, likes to be as creative as possible to keep guests motivated and entertained while on their vacations in Lake Louise, so book in for this hour long class and see what Gemma has pulled out of her bag of tricks.

Balance & Recovery
Join our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, for a relaxing and easy 45 minute class working on rebuilding balance, strength and much needed muscle recovery after spending your time exploring all the wonders Lake Louise has to offer.

Circuit Training
When the temperature starts to drop and the snow is on its way, it can be hard a hard adjustment from your usual outdoor activities, so Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness Instructor has designed an hour long Circuit training class to keep you motivated and moving in the quieter months of the year. 

HIIT Class
Join our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, for a high intensity interval training class using short bursts of exercise with recovery periods, challenging cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Get your heart rate up and burn lots of energy with this fast-paced class designed for anyone and everyone.

Join our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, to pick up a few new tips and tricks in our full body non-contact boxfit class. A combination of boxing movements, hand pad techniques and cardio exercises will keep the heart rate pumping for a hour long, high intensity class.

Stretch and Roll
Join our Fairmont Fitness Instructor, Gemma, outside in the sunshine to wind down after a day of adventuring. Our 45 minute class with simple stretches and the use of a foam roller and massage balls to help fatigued muscles recover faster, will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for another day outdoors tomorrow.

Core Strength & Stretch
Join our Fairmont Fitness instructor Gemma, in this 45 minute long combo class focused on building strength and stability through the core, paired with a relaxing stretch out to finish off.

Ski Après Stretch Down
Wind down and warm up after a day out on the mountains or continue your relaxing day of doing not much at all. With a slightly warmer room, Gemma, our Fairmont Fitness Instructor has just the remedy for those achy muscles and joints after a day of doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Join us for a gentle 45 minute full body stretch and be ready to adventure again the next day!

Reservations are essential for all classes. Participants must be at least 13 years old.

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