Hiking with a Mountain Adventure Guide

Hiking with a Mountain Adventure Guide

Discover the beauty and history of Lake Louise and the surrounds with our guided Mountain Adventure Program. Allow one of our accredited naturalists to guide you through some of the most spectacular terrain the Canadian Rockies has to offer. From turquoise blue lakes and rich green forests to towering mountain peaks, Lake Louise is a mountain playground unlike any other.

Explore our backyard with a Mountain Adventure Guide
Join one of our accredited naturalists for a half day or full day hike to gain a deeper appreciation of Lake Louise and Banff National Park. Explore one of the world-class trails on our doorstep that may include a classic walk up to one of the teahouses, the summit of magnificent Mount Fairview, or to the famous Fairview Lookout. There are options available outside of Lake Louise as well.

The first guests to book decide where this day goes. Meet your guide in the morning or consult with our Concierge the night before to tailor a hike to your abilities and interest.

Guided Half Day Hikes | Adult: $60 Child (8-12): $25
Guided Full Day Hikes | Adult: $75 Child (8-12): $25


Distance: 7km/ 4.4mi | Gain: 385m/ 1,260ft
This is one of the most popular hikes in Banff National Park and for good reason. On your way up, admire Mirror Lake tucked under the sheer cliffs of the Big Beehive. At the Tea House, you have the option to enjoy some of the fresh baked goods whilst enjoying the breathtaking backdrop.

Distance: 7.4 km/ 4.6 Mi | Gain: 610 m/ 2,000ft
Beginning at the shore of Lake Louise, the Saddleback Pass trail climbs moderately to steeply at times to a low point between Mt. Fairview and Saddle Peak. Your guide will show you to a hidden ‘Guides View Point’ at the pass where you will stop for a snack and enjoy the most spectacular views of the hike.

DISTANCE: 6 km/3.6 mi | Gain: 520 m/1,705 ft
Paget Lookout is located in the nearby Yoho National Park. The well-maintained trail is surrounded by rugged terrain and features colourful wildflowers. The steep switchbacks can be challenging but you are rewarded with beautiful views of Sherbrooke Lake and the Cataract Valley. Sit back and relax at the Fire Lookout cabin and admire the dramatic braiding of the Kicking Horse river as it flows through the valley. 


Distance: 10.3km/6.4mi | Gain: 521m/1,710ft
This breathtaking hike is accessed from the Lake Agnes Teahouse trail. Via a series of switchbacks we gradually gain elevation and are rewarded with beautiful views of alpine lakes and rich forest canopy. Once at the summit prepare for panoramic bird's-eye views of not just beautiful Lake Louise, but of the Bow valley. 

Distance: 11km/7mi | Gain: 335m/1,100ft
If you only had time for one hike in the Canadian Rockies, this would be it. This spectacular hike can be turned into a loop that includes Mirror Lake and a traverse across the infrequently traveled “Highline Trail.” After conquering the ascent, we arrive at the Teahouse for fresh baked goods whilst looking out over the six glaciers located at the back of Lake Louise.

Distance: 12 km/ 3.7mi | Gain: 550 m/ 1,800ft
At the exquisite setting of Helen Lake, we stop, relax and take in the alpine splendor. For those with a little extra energy, we can continue up to a high ridge crest for unobstructed 360 degree views. It is simply one of the best hikes in the park.

Distance: 10km/ 6mi | Gain: 1000m/ 3,300ft
Starting from the shore of Lake Louise, we hike up the moderately steep Saddleback Pass trail. At the pass we take a break and fuel up for the ascent to come. Numerous switchbacks deposit us on the summit for spectacular views in all directions. 

Distance: 20 km/ 12.4 mi | Gain: 889 m/ 2,916ft

The Yoho Iceline trail is the perfect way to satisfy the adventurous soul. This advanced full-day hike is the longest we have to offer for the athletic breed. With a quick ascent you reach the unparamounted mountain trails, jaw dropping waterfalls, and uniquely carved glacial peaks and valleys. Located in Yoho National Park, this trail is a 30-minute drive from Lake Louise. This trail is appropriately named “Yoho”, meaning “awe and wonder” in Cree.

Please see our Mountain Adventure Guide for more information all programs offered. For more information or to book a Mountain Adventure Program activity, please email our Concierge or call +403 522 1601. 

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Inspired by the glory days of Canadian mountaineering, Alpine Social is the place to meet, eat and celebrate.

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