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Funky Claude's Whisky

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This year, Montreux is pulsating in anticipation of its jazz festival with ever greater excitement, as we are about to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary.
On this special occasion, the iconic Palace will unseal the spirit of jazz music with its very first vintage: Funky Claude’s Whisky.

The single malt, single cask, 18 year old whisky was distilled in the heart of the Scottish Speyside, a region known for bottling the noblest spirits. Its wavering flow, woody bouquet, and copper color all reminisce of the improvisational music. This exigently selected grand cru pays special tribute to Montreux’s love for all that jazz.

Like in jazz, whisky is best enjoyed by connoisseurs because of its complex, yet permissive construct, provoking sensorial reactions and emotional response even before the experience begins. Whether composed by notes of sound, or notes of flavor, both journeys force you to voluntarily isolate your senses in appreciation of its essence.

Firstly, the eye is naturally pleased by the transparent liquid tinted with accents of amber. Once unsealed, the nose brings out a strong but not overpowering floral scent. A non-chilled filtering sublimes the smooth and silky texture, while the tongue and palate are tickled with a hint of stewed apple and candied fruits. All senses join cohesively in a quest to appreciate the dram, while an irresistible feeling of joy comes out as a reward.

Hours of Operation

Limited to 390 bottles, this bounty is available for consumption only at Funky Claude’s Bar, or for purchase at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace boutique at the price of CHF 240.-.


You will find more information as you contact or call +41 21 962 14 00 now.

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