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  • Fitness

Our Fitness center, ideally situated in front of Lake Geneva welcomes you every day, from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm. A wide choice of collective classes is available as well as personal training sessions. Please download our fitness monthly courses program.

Our collective classes 
Hatha Yoga / Stretching / Lu-Jong / Pilates / Body Barre
Circuit-Training / Cardio-Kick / Cardio-Abdos / Abs & Buns
Zumba / Aqua aerobics
Skiing preparation

Our Muscular Classes

*Body Barre: pre-choreographed course developing the muscular endurance through numerous repeated exercises.
*Abs & Buns: Course developing the muscular endurance of thighs, abdominal muscles (stomach exercises) and buns.
*Aqua aerobics: Course allowing to work several muscular groups in the water to sculpture your silhouette.
*Circuit Training: studio-style course to strengthen the different muscular groups one by one.
*Pilates: program allowing to re-balance the body muscles, by concentrating on muscular postures related to the preservation of the vertebral column.


Our Cardiovascular Classes

*Cardio-Abdos: Course starting with a cardiovascular training choreography and continuing with a muscular session focusing on abdominal muscles (stomach exercises). To burn calories and tone up your body.
*Cardio-Kick: Cardiovascular course inspired by martial arts.
*Circuit Training: studio-style course to strengthen the different muscular groups one by one.
*Cardio Training: An intense cardiovascular course with the objective of burning a maximum of calories.


Our Relaxation Classes

*Hatha Yoga: Course focused on the preservation of the body balance through various postures.
*Stretching: Course of relaxation and muscular stretching.
*Do-In: Japanese-origin course of relaxation based on self-massage.


Our Special Classes

*Skiing preparation
*Jogging on the shore of Lake Geneva


Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone: +41 (0)21 962 17 00 or per email at

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