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Product Philosophy

  • Product Philosophy

Willow Stream Spa places emphasis on many aspects when choosing spa products for each of our Spas around the world. With luxury in mind, each brand selected demands quality and result-driven treatments, which are personalised to suit the needs of our valued guests. Environmental sustainability is considered whenever and wherever possible, which reflects our social responsibility. Our relationships with the product houses are important to ensure that we have premium spa products and training available for every encounter with our guests.

Kerstin Florian
Kerstin Florian is a luxury skin-care company that focuses on results. Guided by a philosophy of “outer beauty, inner health”, Kerstin Florian inspires a sense of well-being through powerful plant, marine and technically advanced ingredients, as well as professionally designed spa services. To support a wellness-based lifestyle and to achieve healthy-looking vibrant skin Kerstin Florian encourages four core lifestyle practices people can incorporate into their daily lives which are Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind and Care of the Face & Body.

Aromatherapy Associates
Since the 1970’s, Aromatherapy Associates founders have been teaching, practising and blending luxurious therapeutic oils and, since the 80’s, Aromatherapy Associates has been sharing its expertise with the world’s greatest spas. The founder, Geraldine Howard, believed with a passion that to heal and treat the mind and body, each treatment should be tailor-made to you and your exact needs.

As a genuine premium Swiss brand, Niance develops effective anti-aging products and holistic treatment methods to visibly rejuvenate the skin. In the Swiss Glacier Complex®, exquisite substances from the Swiss Alps are combined to create precious anti-aging elixirs treating all layers of the skin. Niance represents the beauty care with no compromise. No longer need to choose between luxury, skin compatibility or effectiveness.

Dr Mainguy Switzerland

Dr Mainguy’s Universal Cream concept was born in 1982 to meet the express request of a young woman whose face had been accidentally burnt by a laser. A dramatic recovery took place thanks to an organic silicon based formula. In just a few weeks, perfect regeneration of the skin without any scarring was achieved. This success and many subsequent similar cases prompted Dr Mainguy to develop a very short product range able to meet the needs of the most serious cases, but also to treat age-related skin breakdown. And so did a medical experiment in dermatology give birth to a cosmetic concept.

Jardin des Monts
Plants, should it be aromatic or medicinal, roots, leaves or flowers, are at the heart of all creations. Jardin des Monts’ garden is installed on a mountain pasture on the foothills of the Alps. Formulated with simplicity, the products are all derived from plants and mainly plant-based raw materials. They are characterized by high quality ingredients, made from natural and organic sources, no unnecessary preservatives and delicate artisanal production methods, inspired by age-old practices of traditional herbalists.

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