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Nairobi, A Historical Capital

We have amazing activities planned for you! From Nairobi National Park game drives to city tours. 

Do you want to discover the history side of Nairobi?


Kenya has a vibrant history and diverse culture and here are the must-visit attractions:

-National Archives:  It is located in the heart of Nairobi's City Centre; the National Archives is a treasure trove of Kenya’s historical records. Dive into a comprehensive recount of the nation’s past through fascinating exhibits and extensive archives that offer a glimpse into Kenya's journey over the decades.

-National Museum of Kenya: Journey back in time at the National Museum of Kenya, where the story of the pre-historic man comes to life. Marvel at the exhibits featuring skulls and artifacts over 2 million years old, offering a profound understanding of human evolution and Kenya’s ancient history.

-The Railway Museum: It is a tribute to the pivotal role of railways in Kenya's development. This museum captures the colonial and post-colonial eras. You will get to see vintage steam engine, carriages & the construction of the Kenya-Uganda railway. 

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