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Helicopter Tours

To fully appreciate the beauty of Hawaii Island, we recommend taking the birds-eye view by helicopter. The largest and youngest of the Hawaiian Islands, created from five volcanoes and bearing the moniker "The Big Island," the island of Hawaii is a place of untamed geological contrasts, some of which are not accessible by land. Seeing the island by helicopter allows you to experience a plethora of wonders such as volcanoes, waterfalls and dramatic cliffs, making it a truly unforgettable experience. 


Helicopter tours depart from Kona, Waikoloa and Hilo and can last between 45 minutes to a full day. If you're interested in viewing waterfalls and dramatic cliffs, we recommend a tour that flies over the north (Kohala) and east (Hilo + Hamakua) sides of the island. Tours allowing you to see the two open craters of the Kilauea volcano (Puu Oo and Halemaumau) can be especially thrilling for adventure seekers!

With many helicopter companies on the island to choose from, we suggest that you contact our Concierge to assist you in making arrangements for a helicopter tour that best suits your needs.


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