Fairmont The Palm Aqua Sports

Activity Details

An outdoor fitness solution that harnesses the inartistic buoyancy of the water, the routine provides a zero impact state for the joints, improving health and well-being.

A fun and interactive class held at the North Residence Pool of the resort, Aqua Sports uses stationary bicycles specially made to be submerged in water, where participants, partially submerged, can pedal using the waters resistance in order to exercise. In the hot summer months, it’s the perfect way to cool off while getting fit.

Members, Fairmont Residents and Guests - AED 75 per session
Non Members - AED 120 per session

Little Miss India

Focusing on regional Indian flavours, the restaurant & bar menu includes a selection of delectable sharing style dishes. Cooking with only the freshest of ingredients, all spice mixtures, marinades and pickles are 'house-made' by the mansion's culinary team using traditional preparation techniques.

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