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Willow Stream Palm Signature Massage - 90 minutes 

Inspired by ancient healing therapies from Asia and designed by the team at Fairmont Palm Dubai, this treatment begins with dry massage techniques to warm up the body. Heated herbal compresses holding precious Thai herbs such as Prai, Aloe Vera and Tamarind are then compressed on the body to relieve stress, boost energy and improve blood circulation. An ancient escape into Asia right in the heart of Dubai.

Traditional Thai Massage - 60 minutes / 90 Minutes 

This centuries-old therapy, known as passive yoga, is the perfect answer for anyone searching for optimal health, the release of tension and the restoration of vitality.

Stone Massage - 60 minutes / 90 minutes 

This tailored massage uses specific stress-relief techniques - such as the use of hot volcanic stones - to release deep-rooted tension, loosen tight muscles and improve muscle mobility. 

Stress Rescue Massage - 60 minutes / 90 minutes 

This medium to deep pressure full body massage is designed to improve energy levels, promote restful sleep, and melt away muscle aches. Using a specialised Aromatherapy Associates Oil combining rosemary, black pepper and ginger your therapist will focus on specific areas of concern and ease common discomforts such as: a stiff neck, painful lower back pain, and sore, tight shoulders.

Relax and Unwind - 60 minutes / 90 minutes 

This light to medium pressure full body massage is designed to increases circulation and lymph return. Experience the gentle relaxing and restful powers of lavender, ylang ylang and peitigrain to unwind you after a busy day.

Reflexology - 60 minutes 

One of the world’s oldest healing methods, reflexology is a unique massage technique - performed on the feet and hands - that brings all of the body’s organs back into balance and creates an all-over sense of relaxation.

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