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Farm-to-table experiences with Fairmont flavour

Join us at an organic farm specializing in permaculture and rethinking our relationship with food — how we grow it and how we consume it — hand in hand with expert dietitians and coaches in a wholesome, holistic approach. You will witness an entire ecosystem working in symbiosis just outside the Maâmora forest as you learn about the farm’s efforts to preserve heirloom seeds and bring ancestral techniques back to life. To complete the experience, we invite you into to their kitchens to cook a delicious tagine made with freshly picked seasonal vegetables.

Alternatively, you can tour the verdant vineyards and olive groves at La Ferme Rouge, followed by wine and olive oil tastings and a traditional Moroccan lunch at their guest house. Exclusive co-branded wine and olive oil vintages are available for purchase on-site as well as back at the hotel, where they are also served at our restaurants.
Full day program lunch and tea time included
Available daily
24 hours reservation required
L'écume - Brasserie

L'écume - Brasserie

Embark on a culinary journey with an open kitchen featuring a qualitative selection of locally-sourced products and innovative dishes.

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