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Well & Being Spa's robust fitness offerings and personal training are designed to cater to the wants and needs of every level of fitness. Let us help you kick start a healthy new routine or take your "weekend warrior" approach to the next level.

Private Fitness Classes also available.

WellFIT - The Comprehensive Diagnostic Fitness Assessment 

Introducing the best way to determine a “baseline” for your health & wellness goals. Our Wellness Coaches will use the information provided in our diagnostic testing to help streamline your approach to exercise as well as recommend complimentary services to best support your plan. Whether you are looking to optimize your current plan or create a new program, our series of diagnostic tests will help you focus your efforts for maximum results. Learn more.

Your introductory 120-minute WellFIT session will include the BodPod testing (Body Comp), Sub Max Vo2 (Cardio Endurance), Grip Strength Test (Muscular Strength) and Sit & Reach (Lower body Flexibility).

To learn more about WellFIT, click here. For pricing, availability and booking inquiries, contact Well & Being Spa at 480.585.2772. 

Signature Group Fitness Classes 

From Pilates to TRX, aerial yoga to Surfset – our signature fitness classes* offer something for everyone. Each class is designed to offer instruction to newcomers as well as a challenge for seasoned athletes. Our Well & Being Spa fitness experts encourage you to be your best – and to enjoy every step of the process. 

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*Complete access to Well & Being Spa's amenities, facilities, signature group fitness classes and wellness activities available to guests receiving same-day treatments or with payment of daily spa access fee. Select fitness classes and wellness activities may have additional fee.

2018 Fitness Class Descriptions

Aerial Hammock Yoga

Utilizing a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling, this unique yoga practice allows you to overcome gravity as you glide and  release into each pose. Our instructors guide you through each pose safely.  75 minutes

Aqua Fitness

(Complimentary to all Hotel/Spa guests) meet at the Sunset Beach Pool. Refresh your body and rejuvenate your mind with a low impact workout, energetic water resistive toning techniques coupled with aerobic maneuvers. Wear swimwear, all levels (weather permitting)

Booty Barre Fitness

A unique and effective fitness class combining elements and techniques of Pilates  and Yoga. Upper body strengthening using small weights and body weight exercises.  Lower body strengthening & lengthening using Bender Ball and Bands.  The exercises are designed to streamline, firm, tighten and tone muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk, helping to create balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and improve cardiovascular endurance.


Ready for a workout that combines the high intensity of Spinning with the beauty of spinal mobility, core strengthening and body lengthening that comes from Pilates? You will enjoy a non-stop fat torching ride for 40 minutes that includes steep climbs and sprints at Race Pace. Then bring it down to the mat for 20 minutes dedicated to improving flexibility, mid-section strength and perfect posture spine re-alignment.

Wall Yoga

Find new possibilities in your yoga practice by using the wall and straps as your tool. Discover your muscles, improve your balance, enhance your standing postures and safely prepare your body for inversions. Class ends with relaxing poses using the wall as a support.

Deep Yoga Stretch

A very gentle stretch + yin yoga class consisting of postures on the floor that are held for an extended period of time, which  helps improve flexibility.  Props may be used such block and straps.

Float Fit Fitness

Full body interval workout consisting of Yoga/Balance moves, squats, lunges, planks, burpees and lots of fun fitness moves on the board!

Float Fit Yoga

Consists of Vinyasa yoga sequences where sun salutations will flow into lengthening & strengthening poses, balance postures and even a little fitness play on the board.

Hatha Yoga

A balanced yoga practice that uses slow movements, focuses on proper alignment and breathing.

Kundalini Yoga

A science of exercise designed to “fine tune the human potential” thru movement, breath, mental concentration and sound. Benefits include: Flexibility, Strength, Immune Boost and Overall Well Being.  75 minutes


This 20 min. class consists of beginning breath work and energetic cleansing  progressing into a guided Meditiation.

Pilates Mat

A traditional mat class designed to introduce the basic principles of Joseph Pilates.  Essential and intermediate exercises to strengthen and lengthen, improving the posture and “powerhouse” using rollers, flex bands and circles.

SurfSet Circuit

A total body conditioning circuit class, utilizing the Surf board, weights, resistant bands, bosu ball and kettle bells.

Treadmill / TRX

30-minute Interval/Strength Training Treadmill workout followed by a 30 minute TRX Suspension training workout.

TRX Fusion

TRX suspension workout builds strength, flexibility, endurance and strengthens your core.  Bosu’s, dumbbells and resistance bands for a total body workout.

TRX / Surfset

Land-based surfing cardio conditioning, full body strength and core workout followed by a 30 minute TRX Suspension training.


Challenging advanced full body circuit workout with multiple styles that will benefit your total fitness levels & test your limits!

Yin Yoga

A deep yoga practice that works to open the body slowly with grounding postures and long holds, and often utilizing props to support the body. This practice is excellent for injuries, stiffness and increasing flexibility. Expect to leave class feeling expansive, relaxed and revitalized.

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