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Sisley-Paris Spa in Scottsdale

Take a sensorial journey to this unparalleled Sisley-Paris spa-within-a-spa experience which offers six new private treatment facilities with white-glove, Eurostyle attaché services, personalized shopping opportunities, and all-day access to the award-winning Well & Being Spa.
Sisley-Paris—synonymous across the world for unparalleled excellence in the art of modern-day skincare crafted with the excellence of science and natural botanicals—now offers an exclusive opportunity to experience the highest and most luxurious level of skincare and bodywork expertise in the world at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. Scottsdale's new Sisley-Paris Spa location is one of only 27 spanning the globe, and is the largest in the US. L'experience Sisley not only includes all-day access to the award-winning Well & Being Spa, including all the soothing and relaxing amenities you've come to love, but also includes privileged access to our new Sisley-Paris spa-within-a-spa with six new private treatment facilities, white glove Eurostyle attaché experience and personalized shopping opportunity.

The AAA Five Diamond Fairmont Scottsdale Princess has come to reflect the dynamic environment that surrounds it. With its dramatic Spanish Colonial architecture, open plazas graced by fountains, and locally inspired art and décor, the resort offers a blend of comfort and style that captures the charm and grace of the Southwest. Rising from the resort’s beautiful Hacienda Plaza is Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, which also pays tribute to the Arizona landscape. Inspired by a hidden oasis deep in the Grand Canyon called Havasupai (pronounced Hah-vah-su-pie), the design of this alluring spa is drawn from nature's primary elements – air, water, earth, wood and fire. These essential elements, combined with innovative treatments designed to inspire and rejuvenate, will help you along a self-directed path as you "Find Your Energy." Let the journey begin.
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Sisley-Paris and Well & Being Gift Cards

Well & Being Spa gift cards are available in any denomination and available for use with all spa, wellness and salon services and packages.

Visiting the Spa

Health Matters
Please inform us of any health conditions at the time of booking your appointment. These include: high blood pressure, heart condition, allergies or pregnancy. Also, consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after spa treatments is not recommended. You will also be asked to complete a medical history form upon arrival at the facility so your spa/medical professional can better customize your experience to your needs.

Health & Wellness Environment
Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is an adults-only environment. Guests must be 18 years or older. For your peace and privacy, cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted. If you wish to receive messages during your time with us, please let our spa staff know and we’d be happy to assist you.

Arrival & Etiquette
We invite you to take advantage of our world-class spa and fitness facilities for the entire day of your spa treatments (or with daily spa access fee) — including a wide array and variety of exercise classes, cardiovascular and strength equipment facilities, indoor garden atrium, open air rooftop pool, co-ed grotto waterfall treatment and men’s and women’s lounge facilities complete with whirlpool, Swiss shower, cold plunge, inhalation, steam and dry sauna rooms. We recommend that you arrive 45 minutes before your first scheduled appointment. This gives us time to help familiarize you with the facilities and allows you to relax before your experiences begin. Please note all treatments end on time, regardless of start time. Please leave jewelry and other valuables in your room safe or the hotel safe.

Spa Attire
You will receive a Well & Being Spa robe and slippers to wear between treatments (or T-shirt and shorts for some packages), and a locker for your personal belongings. For your comfort, undergarments may be worn during treatments, but rest assured our therapists are highly trained in correct draping procedures for your complete privacy. Swimsuits are required in some areas of the facility. Due to the high content of minerals in our water, we recommend the removal of all jewelry before entering the pools to prevent discoloration. Swimsuits are required for all water areas.

Spa Cuisine
A variety of health conscious, heart smart and nutritious food offerings are available daily from our spa menu. We encourage dining in our climate-controlled atrium or open air rooftop pool. We encourage you to place your food selection upon check in. Please allow 30 - 45 minutes for your order to be delivered.

Taxes & Service Charges
For your convenience, taxes and service charges have been included in your experiences and packages. Rates are subject to change.

Additional gratuities for exceptional service can be added to your bill upon checkout.

Payment for Services
We require a valid credit card number  to confirm all spa reservations. For your convenience, payment for spa services is settled upon conclusion of your treatment. Room signing privileges are available.

If you must reschedule or cancel any spa appointment, please notify the spa four hours in advance to avoid being charged for the service. Cancellation of a package requires 24 hours’ notice. Missed appointments without proper notice may be subject to the full charge for all reserved services.

Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation
Hours of operation vary seasonally and are subject to change.
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Well & Being Spa Fitness
Well & Being Spa's robust fitness offerings and personal training are designed to cater to the wants and needs of every level of fitness. Let us help you kick start a healthy new routine or take your "weekend warrior" approach to the next level. Private Fitness Classes also available.

Fitness Facilities Description

Aerial Yoga

Utilizing a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling, this unique yoga practice allows you to overcome gravity as you glide and release into each pose.

Aqua Fitness

(Complimentary to all Hotel/Spa guests) at the Sunset Beach Pool. A low  impact workout, water resistive toning coupled with aerobic maneuvers.

Barre Burn

Techniques of Pilates, Yoga, upper body strengthening, lower body strengthening and lengthening using Bender Ball and bands. Exercises are designed to tighten, tone muscles without adding bulk to create balance, posture, flexibility and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Body Sculpt (30 min)

A great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle. Focuses on intense isolation exercises with free weights and resistant bands.

Boot Camp

Body weight exercises, interval training, functional movements and agility drills. Different equipment used to challenge, inspire, and motivate participants.

Cardio Dance

An exhilarating cardio class to radio hits (pop, club, hip hop) music uses easy-to-follow moves combining fast and slow rhythms (interval training) to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Core & Stretch

Improve your posture and build core muscle groups through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your abdomen and back muscles while increasing your flexibility.

Deep Yoga Stretch/Meditation

A very gentle stretch, combined with yin yoga, consisting of postures on the floor that are held for an extended period of time (which helps improve flexibility), ending with a guided Meditation.

Gentle Yoga

Combining gentle yoga poses, breath work & stretching the entire body through flowing sequences and held postures. This class is an invitation to relax, unwind and de-stress.

Hatha Yoga

A balanced yoga practice that uses slow movements, focuses on proper alignment and breathing.

Morning Yoga Flow

Awaken the body with breathe work and a longer warm-up too prepare our bodies for an active flow.

Restorative Yoga

A range of yoga props as well as breath and relaxation guidance are used to contribute to a deep state of rest.

Pilates Mat

Mat class designed to introduce the basic Principles of Joseph Pilates Exercises to strengthen & lengthen, improving posture & core.

Pilates HIIT

Combining the fundamentals of mat Pilates with high intensity intervals that will challenge your core, flexibility and strength.


A cardio workout on the stationary Star Trac Spinner bike. Classes focus on sprints and climbs that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging.

Strength Training

Improve muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness using a variety of equipment to create a well-rounded workout experience.

Surfset Fitness

A total body strength & conditioning class utilizing the Surf board, weights, resistant bands, bosu ball and kettle bells.


TRX suspension workout improves flexibility, endurance and strengthens your core.

Wall Yoga

Straps and a harnesses attach you to the wall in order to perform the moves of regular yoga poses, while incorporating inversions.


Challenging advanced full body circuit workout with multiple styles that will benefit your total fitness levels and test your limits!

Yin Yoga

This practice works to open the body slowly with grounding postures, long holds and utilizing props to support the body. This practice is excellent for stiffness and increasing flexibility.

Yoga Fusion

Combines the active flowing style of Vinyasa with the passive, quiet practice of Yin. Expect to build heat in the body as you flow through postures then slowing down releasing tension and stress.

Yoga Nidra (30min)

Guided meditation that is done lying down on your mat. Its emphasis on extended stillness, silence, and resting the body in order to exercise the mind makes it uniquely challenging.

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