Fairmont Fit

Fairmont Fit

We offers a host of paths to fulfill your quest for personal well-being—from heart-racing workout routines to heartfelt moments of peace. With us, you’ll find inspiring ways to move, serene natural connections, and unforgettable cultural traditions—a whole world of well-being, curated with care by our dedicated associates.

※Operation hours of Fairmont Fit
- Swimming pool & Sauna: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
- Fitness center: Open 24 hours (Membership: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM)
*The fitness center is available for adults over the age of 19.
*It is a mandatory to wear indoor shoes at the facility.
*Fairmont Fit(Swimming pool, Sauna, Fitness Center) closes for scheduled maintenance on the third Tuesday of every month. (It can be changed by circumstance)
*Uniforms and shower facilities will not be provided after 9PM

※Swimming pool information
- Five sun beds are available.
- Water depth in the swimming pool is 1.3 meters.
- Please change into your swimming costume and remove any makeup in your guest room before proceeding to the pool.
- The pool is open to children aged six years and above, accompanied by a responsible adult.
(Children aged five years or below are not allowed to use the pool.)
- The use of pool tubes is prohibited. (Buoyancy vests are allowed.)
- During the peak season, in-house guests may use the swimming pool once per day

※Sauna Information
- A fee may be charged for use of the sauna, according to guest room type (40,000 won per person, including VAT).
- The sauna is open only to adults aged 19 years and above. Showers are available to sauna users only.

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