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Massage Experience

  • Willow Stream Spa Massage Experience

Sonoma Signature Saltability Massage—90 minutes $289 
Results – Balance 
From the ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains, these hand-carved salt stones, when applied to the body, harmonize and revitalize to gently soothe away stress and tension to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. The full body Himalayan Salt Stone Massage stimulates specific meridians on the body allowing for improved sleep, reduced inflammation and an immediate sense of improved well-being. 

Aqua Bliss Bodywork— 60 minutes $185 
Restore – Indulgence 
Gently releases body tension in our relaxing geo-thermal mineral pool. (Maintained at 98 degrees) This massage immerses your body in a weightless environment, while your therapist takes you through a series of movements and stretches; freeing your body of tension and soothing your mind.

**Watsu Massage available upon request

Deep Tissue Stress Release—60/90 minutes $199/$289 
Results – Muscle Recovery 
This strong pressure massage enhances muscle recovery targeting areas sore from exercise or tension of daily life. Deep muscle work, combined with stretching, rocking and circulation strokes to move lactic acid out of the system. A mild soreness may result. Enhanced with a mineral and ginger muscle relieving lotion.

Pure Relaxation Massage—60/90 minutes $179/$259
Relieve – Calm 
This light to medium pressure, full body, Swedish style massage is tailored to suit your specific needs. It offers a gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation. Your provider will assist you in selecting the perfect therapeutic aromatherapy blend for your needs.

Pregnancy—60 minutes $185 
Restore – Pampering
A pampering experience designed with the safety of the mother and child in mind using a special harmony oil blend that improves elasticity. Supportive cushions and side lying position utilized for optimum comfort.

Head to Toe Acupressure Massage—60 minutes $185 
Restore – Balance
One of the world's oldest healing methods, acupressure is a unique massage technique that applies pressure to the head, face, hands and feet, bringing the entire body into balance. In the Eastern tradition, your massage begins with a foot cleansing ritual with warm mineral salts and eucalyptus compresses. Key pressure points in the scalp and face are stimulated to holistically heal the body using the energy meridians that begin at the head and end in the feet. Reflex point massage of the hands and feet with herbs concludes this therapeutic massage.

**Unscented oil available upon request

Couples' Treatments  

Couples' Sonoma Organic Lavender Kur—90 minutes $539 
Restore – Balance
Unwind together. A luxurious lavender bath, with added petitegrain and seaweed extracts, softens the skin, relieves muscle aches and delights the senses; a botanical body wrap reduces stress and improves circulation and a full-body massage, infused with organic lavender oil, helps you relax.

Couples' Relaxation Massage—60/90 minutes $349/$519
Relieve – Calm
This perfect gift is spending time together. Enjoy a relaxing side-by-side massage in one of our private couples' sanctuaries.


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