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Total Mind And Body Health

  • Meditiation

Guided Meditation—60 minutes $165
Deep Relaxation 
Whatever your desired goal, your skilled practitioner will gently guide you to a deep state of relaxation.

Reiki with Reflexology—60 minutes $169 
This treatment combines the healing properties of pressure-point foot massage and energy-balancing reiki, in which the practitioner channels healing energy to you. Enjoy deep relaxation while enhancing your energy pathways.

Reiki—60 minutes $169 
Allow this ancient Japanese art to help heal and balance your mind, body and spirit. Gentle, nurturing hands channel energy through the chakras, for a relaxing and renewing experience.

Intuitive Reading—60 minutes $169 
Overcome Obstacles 
Receive insights about current issues in your life and eliminate obstacles that prevent you from attaining your personal goals. Learn what strategies are working for you and the fears that may be holding you back.

Tarot-Card Reading—60 minutes $169 
Symbolic tarot cards reflect the conscious and subconscious. Use tarot to bring clarity to issues, relationships, love, career, finances, health and more.

Chakra Reading and Balancing—60 minutes $169 
Restore your energy: This offering combines energy balancing with a personalized chakra reading.

Body-Energy Alignment—90 minutes $219 
This intuitive bodywork blends massage and energy work, incorporating our Chakra Balancing and personalized Guided Meditation offerings.

Thai Massage—90 minutes $279 
Results – Ancient Traditions
This ancient Thai Massage, sometimes referred to as "assisted yoga", is designed to promote relaxation, healthy circulation and balance. Your therapist performs the treatment on a floor mat, manipulating your pressure points and meridian lines to release stagnant energy. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.


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