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South Shore Park
Exploring the Southampton and Warwick Beaches in a must for any visit to Bermuda and you can chose to explore in a half day or longer if you want leisurely swims at each picturesque cove. Pack a towel and sunscreen and get on your way.

From the Fairmont Southampton’s private beach, walk over to Horseshoe Bay Beach, a perfect crescent of pink sand framing turquoise water and one of the most photographed beaches in Bermuda. There is a concession stand at the beginning of the beach if you need to pick up a quick snack or bottled water. Take the time to explore this beautiful stretch of sand as you walk down the beach explore the small coves. Take some time for a dip. 

Horseshoe Bay Beach is part of South Shore Park, a nature reserve that connects Southampton and Warwick Parishes. Designated a national park in 1990, this area includes a series of trails along limestone cliffs and dunes, as well as grassy areas for picnicking. As you stroll along the trails, you’ll come to the twin coves of Stonehole and Chaplin Bays. In these coves you may spot the Bermuda Regiment soldiers taking part in training exercises. Both picturesque spots are great for swimming or merely relaxing. 

Continue east on the trails and you will find a tiny gem of swimming hole with crystal clear water at Jobson’s Cove (this is a popular spot and an early visit here is sometimes best). No more than 40 feet across, this cove is beautifully framed by limestone cliffs.

Continue east along the South Shore Park Trails and you will encounter Warwick Long Bay, a stunning half-mile of coast. This is a popular area for snorkeling and, if you don’t have it with you, a concession stand rents snorkel gear. There is no café, so this beach tends to be much less crowded than Horseshoe Bay Beach.   

When you head east from Warwick Long Bay, you will come to the beautiful Astwood Cove, a beautiful but hard to get to small stretch of sand. This is a popular spot for weddings so you may want to pause for a picture before continuing east on South Shore Road. (The hike down to the small beach is quite steep, but a quiet spot if you’re up for the climb down and up).

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