Fairmont St Andrews The Scottish Coutryman

The Scottish Coutryman

With over 30 years of experience, the Scottish Countryman offers visitors entertaining as well as educational outdoor activities, including archery, fishing and falconry handling to connect you with the Scottish countryside. The sessions are suitable for both corporate groups and family outings.

Hawk Walk Experience

An exciting hawking experience which gives guests an opportunity to go out into the woodlands and witness a bird of prey in action. The walk takes approximately 60-90 minutes and hosts a minimum of 2 guests.


£60 per person or £120 for two people
£180 for 3 to 6 people

Fishing Experience

This package includes all equipment and full instruction and transport from either Hammer Inn or from the Fairmont Hotel to the fishing location.


£140 per person
£250 for groups up to 4 people

Open every day from 1pm - 5 pm. For more information please visit www.thescottishcountryman.co.uk