Fairmont Spa

Spa and Wellness

Our Fairmont SPA extends over 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet), with 10 treatment rooms and outdoor spaces bathed in natural sunlight.  Every treatment is personalized to your wishes, combining Moroccan-inspired techniques with products and expertise from our carefully selected partners, Sodashi, Maison d’Asa and Swissline Cosmetics. 


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Sodashi spa rituals are built around an integrated approach to skincare, nourishing the body and building radiance from within. Unadulterated natural ingredients chosen for their regenerative and therapeutic qualities are at the heart of their philosophy. A Sodashi treatment is perfect for those seeking deeper healing, tapping into the soul and senses. We offer facial rituals focused on revealing a luminous, radiant complexion as well as nurturing, sensory body therapies. With aromatic inhalations to start and finish, each is delivered with love and intention.


Swissline Cosmetics

Swissline Cosmetics are world-renowned for their science-based skincare. Since the brand was founded in Switzerland 30 years ago, they’ve been at the forefront of biotech innovation, putting biology at the core of their product development. Their belief that modern, lifestyle-induced ailments are intimately related and connected to inflammatory responses in the body cements their unique approach – one that’s based on real results and never side-tracked by marketing. Our signature Swissline treatments are both sensuous and effective, with a particular focus on well-aging and rejuvenation.


Maison d’Asa

Maison d’Asa will take you on a sensory journey far beyond the walls of Tangier, inspired by traditions from the Maghreb and East and Southeast Asia. Their organic-certified products draw on the arts of fragrance and aromatherapy, awakening the body’s positive energy while respecting the skin. Each Maison d’Asa treatment is a gateway, incorporating wellness traditions from different destinations around the world.

Holistic Wellness Program

For the most profound experience of all, we’ve developed a longer Holistic Wellness Program in collaboration with naturopaths and experienced specialists. It’s designed around four pillars: Strong Body, Clear Mind, Full Spirit and Nutritional Purpose. We believe our minds, souls and bodies are intertwined, and that they require equal care to give us inner peace and allow our beauty to shine from the inside out. It’s a philosophy at the heart of how we do things at Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier, but particularly important in our well-being journeys. Each is unique, combining treatments, coaching sessions and rituals tailored to individual needs.

Wellness Programs at our Tangier spa with a view are available to residents and outside guests as three- to seven-night stays.



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