Resort Pedestrian Village

Resort Pedestrian Village

PLEASE NOTE: Activities are subject to change and could be cancelled without notice. 

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Fun-filled ride on a 3-wheel cart using a unique braking and steering system that gives the rider full control. Summer fun starts here with the ride everyone’s talking about. Coming from New Zealand, the first summer luge in North America is awaiting you!

This 1.5-km night walk takes place on a stone dust and illuminated pathway at the heart of nature. To start off, visitors show up at the bottom of the Flying Mile chairlift that will take them up to the midway station where they will be led to the entrance of the trail. After taking visitors on a brief ascension, the trail slowly weaves its way down the hill through the woods, crosses streams and clearings. Participants can anticipate being on the pathway an average of one hour.

Take a big leap with this awe-inspiring and exhilarating zipline tour that will take you to new heights! Professional, knowledgeable and fun tour guides. Convenient meeting location in the pedestrian village at the base of the mountain. Transportation to Mont Tremblant summit aboard the panoramic gondola, 4 km of thrills along 5 ziplines, the longest in Quebec. Side-by-side ziplines so you can zip next to friends and family. Six viewing decks with an engaging eco-story about the ecology, the region and sustainability.  

Comfortably sit in the Panoramic Gondola and admire the view for a few minutes as you reach the summit of Tremblant! Not only will you get a breathtaking view on the Laurentians, Lac Tremblant and the surrounding valleys, you’ll also have access to a host of activities.

The mini-golf with a giant attitude! As a small replica of Le Géant golf course, the mini-golf Le Petit Géant serves up lots of fun for friends and family at a very mini price.

Experience Falcon Environmental Services’ trained raptors as they take flight on the summit of the Laurentians! Learn all about these spectacular birds and marvel at their agility as they brush right past you and fly right above your head!

Come stretch your arms and legs on the climbing tower. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, you will find a path that suits your skills on this 30-foot high tower.

Children and adults' entertainment is everywhere in Tremblant's pedestrian village. Enjoy the street entertainers, discover fun play areas for climbing, sliding, playing hide, and more!

Come and experience the reality of Brind’O Aquaclub’s world at the heart of the resort. With its 4 slides, 35 interactive water games, revamped fitness room and hot tub, the new family waterplay centre is becoming a must, rain or shine.

Aboard pirate ships, kids aged 7 years older and under will have a blast mastering the water! Two seater pedal boats are also available.

Climb one of our two inflated mountain structures on Lac Tremblant and dive off to your heart's content! Have fun on the only such water toy in Canada.

Experience the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping - without the risks - as you perform gravity-defying manoeuvres. 

During the activity, you will get to climb the cliff several times. Your certified guide will help you learn how to safely belay other climbers and how to rappel. This activity is designed for beginners and no climbing experience is necessary. 

Hold tight and get ready for full immersion! At our new virtual reality experience centre located directly in the pedestrian village, we offer virtual reality games for everyone from the absolute beginner to the serious gamer.

Create an adorable plush companion and experience magical moments! You can choose from more than 40 furry friends and hundreds of costumes and accessories. A passport and suitcase complement the experience. Fun for all ages.

Studio Créatif offers artists and amateurs alike the opportunity to paint beautiful ceramic souvenirs, kitchenware, and keepsakes. You have the pleasure of creating yaour masterpiece in our studio, or borrowing our "take-out" kits. 

Our state-of-the-art laser tag arena combines the latest high-tech gear and thrilling action to offer an exciting indoor activity in Tremblant. You’ll feel as if you’re in the heart of a video game!

Enter a carefully crafted world that will immerse you in a thrilling experience. Getting in is easy, but getting out will require all your smarts and observation skills. Six different 1-hour scenarios and 2 express games. Locker available on site.