Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hagenbeck´s Zoo

Hagenbeck´s Zoo

Hagenbeck's is the largest private zoo in Germany. It began in 1848 with six seals and is now home to more than 1,850 animals, and as many as 14,300 in the tropical aquarium. It was here that the open-air enclosure method, now adopted by many zoos around the world, was invented, and in the former Hagenbeck Circus, the tame dressage method was invented at the same time. The elephant enclosure, the Arctic Ocean and the African panorama are unique. We recommend a visit to the tropical aquarium in case of bad weather, which fortunately is very rare in Hamburg. Or, in keeping with the weather, the Arctic Ocean, where Germany's only walruses live and which is a simply beautiful animal enclosure and where you can also amuse yourself with the cute penguins, whose style of dress we concierges have copied.