Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Yue Feng Island Organic Farm

Yue Feng Island Organic Farm

Located inside the Sunset Dew Park of the hotel with 33 acres in space, Yue Feng Island Organic Farm has the enviable position of being located on the shores of Yangcheng Lake and between the cities of Kunshan and Suzhou. Its produce is harvested year around for use by our culinary team in both Yi Feng Court, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, and our international buffet and organic tasting menus in Essence restaurant. In addition to seasonal fresh vegetables, organic fruit trees compliment the landscape with loquats, peach, crab-apple and pears, while our greenhouses add strawberries and other fresh ingredients to our menus.

In Spring, the famous green tea, Bi Luo Chun, is picked from our Kunshan organic farm, hand roasted and served in our Luwei Lounge that holds captivating views of the park and lakefront. Bi Luo Chun originated in the Dong Ting mountain of Tai Hu, Jiangsu Province, and is one of the most famous teas in China. With a delicate appearance, fruity taste and floral aroma, its history dates back more than a thousand years.

Our Yue Feng Organic Farm is also home to twenty-five bee hives that thrive in the natural environment and the ocean of flowers that surround the hotel and park. When the weather is kind, the bees can produce about 40 kilograms of honey a day which is bottled and sold from Essence restaurant.

To truly experience all that Yue Feng Organic Farm has to offer, join our Chef’s for one of their organic cooking demonstrations in our two Glass Houses, one that sits on the edge of the lily pond and the other amongst the rice field. Whether a day trip from Shanghai or an overnight stay you will find organic food is good for your body while the calm beauty of this Kunshan Organic Farm is good for your soul!

Yi Feng Court

Yi Feng Court

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