• Playa del Carmen Sightseeing: Cancun Eco Parks, Ecological Sights in Mexico


This ecological park and archaeological area, dedicated to the Mayan and Mexican cultures, and to preserving the environment and the ecology of the area is 25 minutes from the resort.


This ecological park and archaeological area with turtle and dolphin sanctuaries and a research center is 50 minutes from the resort.


The archaeological zone at Tulúm combines the mystery of the ancient civilization with the singular beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Tulúm is 1 hour from the resort.


This sightseeing destination is surrounded by shallow lakes and accessed by “sac-bes,” a network of formal limestone roads built by the Maya over 1,000 years ago. Coba is 1 1/2 hours from the resort.

Sian Ka'an

Included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, this nature reserve is the third-largest protected area in Mexico. Offering one-of-a-kind sightseeing in Cancun, it is home to nearly every kind of the region's wildlife, and gives guests the chance to explore 27 Mayan sites. Sian Ka'an is 1 1/2 hours from the resort.
Click here for a video about Sian Ka'an.

Chichén Itzá

Stand beside the giant serpent head at the foot of El Castillo pyramid and marvel at the Mayan architects and astronomers who positioned the building so precisely that shadow and sunlight form a serpent's body slithering from the peak to the earth at each equinox (March 21 and September 21). Chichén Itzá is 2 1/2 hours from the resort.

Property Tours & Classes

Created to harmonize with the unspoiled tropical forest of the Riviera Maya, Fairmont Mayakoba's various areas are connected by a series of deep lagoons and well-marked nature trails. Join our Tatich (guide) as he explores the natural wonders at Mayakoba.  

Nature Adventure: The Nature Adventure is an hour-long tour that will take you through Mayakoba’s canals by 'lanchas', a covered canal boat. During this tour, the Tatich unveils the different ecosystems found throughout the property and the different flora and fauna that can be seen in the area. It is a relaxing and low physically demanding activity suitable for the entire family.

Departures: 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m.
Duration:  1 hour 
Reservation: contact the Hotel Concierge at 
Maximum Occupancy: 6 people
Minimum Number of Guests Required:  2 
Cost: Complimentary activity

Nature Trail: This tour takes place very early in the morning when there is the largest number of animal sightings in the area.  Half of the group will be guided by boat, while the other half will hike. Together, both groups will explore different areas in the resort where the Tatich will explain the different kinds of foliage and wildlife found in the region and share Mayan legends. The tour is appropriate for teenagers and adults, as it involves moderate physical demand.

Departure: 7:00 a.m.  
Duration:  1 hour 
Reservation: contact the Hotel Concierge at 
Maximum Occupancy: 6 people
Minimum number of Guests Required:  2
Cost: Complimentary activity

Please note: Tours are offered on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. Schedule subject to seasonal changes.

Cooking classes: Fairmont Mayakoba welcome both children and adults who enjoy cooking and want to give their stay a different “taste,” the opportunity to prepare unique recipes with the guidance of the hotel’s Executive Chef Richard Silvester. Additionally, those who take cooking lessons will be able to take a tour through the hotel’s main kitchen, where they will become familiar with the highest food and beverage standards that characterize Fairmont Mayakoba’s AAA Four Diamond award-winning restaurants. They will learn everything from how to prep, handle food, cut, cook, to how to serve properly. Furthermore, guests will receive chef hats, aprons and gloves to wear and make them feel like true culinary professionals!

Cost: For pricing and reservations please contact our Hotel Concierge at

Explore Mayakoba on Bike: At Fairmont Mayakoba, bicycles are an easy means of transportation to and from different areas of the hotel. As part of the hotel’s ongoing commitment to the Fairmont Green Partnership and its leadership in the preservation of the environment, the hotel offers complimentary use of bicycles and bicycle helmets that can be found throughout the resort. Guests can enjoy easy access to the bicycles from sunrise to sunset, at the numerous bike racks throughout the property. 

Muyil Jungle Tubing Tour

The adventure to the archeological site of Muyil begins at the Fairmont Mayakoba Hotel, where visitors will depart on a car ride of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes while they enjoy a light breakfast of fresh yogurt and sweet bread. Upon arrival, they will be given a backpack of amenities including insect repellent and sun block made of natural biodegradable ingredients. Then guests will set upon an hour-long excursion in the company of a trilingual Mayan tour guide who will assist them in describing the astonishing surroundings and beauty of this historical landmark.

During the excursion, guests will be able to observe unique colorful birds and learn about the wonderful medicinal and nutritional benefits of endemic plants native to the area. They will also enjoy their personal tour guide’s stories, ancestor’s tales and personal accounts of living in the area.

After the “Palacio Rosado” and ruins of Castillo, visitors will take the Sac-beh (Mayan word for white path) and cross the jungle towards the trail of Canan-Ha. From here they will take a short walk towards the Muyil Lagoon- a crystal clear, fresh water lagoon, where they will be invited to climb up the 56 ft. observation tower or “mirador” and look over spectacular views of the area’s ancient ruins and lagoons. There, guests will be invited to enjoy several refreshments including fresh fruit, cookies and juice.

Visitors will then enjoy a boat ride through the crystal clear waters of the Muyil Lagoon to a man-made canal. The ancient Mayans dug this canal over 1,000 years ago as part of a trade route that connected the Muyil Lagoon to its larger neighboring lagoon, Chunyaxche. Ancient Mayans traded salt, incense, gum, honey, wood and animal skins with nearby towns in present day Guatemala and Honduras. Beyond the Chunyaxche Lagoon guests will find another natural canal of even greater depth. 

While navigating down the 7 mile long canal, guests will make a short stop in the mysterious Mayan ruin of Xtlapak. This ancient ruin was once used as a rest stop and customs post on the trade route. After exploring the ruin, they will have the opportunity to swim in the pristine waters of the canal or enjoy other water activities such as tubing and snorkeling as the current gently carries them toward the sea. At times the only sound you will hear is the peaceful rustle of the wind through the pastures and orchids that surround you.

After tubing down the canal for 40 minutes or so, guests will make their way on to the boat and ride back to the Visitors Site. Once they arrive at the site, they will enjoy the mouth-watering Ceviche Sian Ka’an, a local delicacy offered exclusively for Fairmont Mayakoba guests. This wonderful dish is made from freshly caught shrimp and lobster (only in season) and is accompanied with white wine. 

After dinner, a car will be waiting to bring guests back to Fairmont Mayakoba’s lobby so they can continue to enjoy the spectacular Riviera Maya.

Reservations: contact the Hotel Concierge at +52 984 206 3000, ext 3521 or by email at


What to bring: comfortable walking shoes, bathing suit, dry clothes to change into, sun glasses, hat or baseball cap, and a camera

Minimum Group Size: 4 

Cancellation: 24 before the tour to avoid penalty, otherwise total amount will be charged

View our property video which includes some details about this tour. 

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