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Togetherness. Our signature couples retreat is offered in your own spa suite complete with private balcony, bath, shower and bathroom. You help create your Yucatan experience by choosing from an assortment of local healing and beauty remedies that best suit your needs and mood. A Mexican sarong is presented to wear in comfort throughout the treatment and to take home. This experience includes a relaxing footbath and curativo on the patio, a choice of sea and sand body scrubs, followed by a choice of three body masks selected from local favorites – Mayan clay, cacao or honey and yoghurt. A bath in the soaking tub precedes side-by-side massages with tropical oils.

Delight. Cacao, the Mayan word for chocolate, was highly revered in pre-Hispanic Mexico and was offered as a tribute to the gods. Cacao was considered edible gold and today we acknowledge it for its high levels of health as a gifted food and nourishment for the body inside and out. This experience includes a cacao mask body wrap(high in anti-oxidants) a scalp massage and hair treatment and a nourishing massage application of pure coconut oil and rose essence.

Magic. Enter the mystical Cha Chac Rain Room and leave the outer world behind. Chac, the Rain god was one of the most important gods in Mayan history and the word "cha" means to "let go" or "letting loose". It begins with a traditional blessing and burning of copal incense. Then relax on the rain table with an application of a healing body mask of cornmeal, clay and oats. The mask is then exfoliated with an Ayate cloth, followed by a warm overhead rainwater rinse. A massage application of sage oil is the final ingredient to letting go.

Hydrating. The Mayan bath ritual is an ancient tradition symbolizing the cleansing of the body and soul. In the spirit of tradition, this ritual starts with a purification blessing of copal incense followed by an herbal footbath on a private treatment room patio. A body mask is prepared of cornmeal, yoghurt and honey and applied to the body as a mask. You are then immersed in an herbal flower bath with an Ayate cloth to exfoliate the mask off. A nourishing massage follows with a selection of oils including coconut, sage or tropical euphoria.

Energy from the earth. For centuries, Mayans have incorporated massage, healing herbs, bathing rituals and clays for physical and spiritual healing. This experience starts with the presentation of a Mexican sarong (also to take home) and a bundle of Ruda herbs. Wearing the sarong, you are escorted to the steam and shown the traditional thrashing technique in the steam. In the treatment room, a body mask of Mayan clay is applied and let dry. The clay is exfoliated and removed with water and an Ayate cloth of cactus fibres. A massage follows using sage oil applied with warmed Mexican obsidian stones.

Radiance. This exotic body exfoliation combines fresh fruit enzymes, one of nature’s best remedies for skin cell renewal, with gentle native cornmeal, for a gentle polish that leaves the skin illuminated with a healthy glow. Tropical flower oils of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are combined with Lime and applied to the body to condition and soften the skin and leave you radiant from head to toe.





Enjoy each season your way. Our bodies have specific needs at the turn of each season. This group of treatments –inspired by the traditions of Eastern Ayurveda (pronounced eye - yur - vey - da), utilizes a unique blend of essential oils developed to be most beneficial for each season. (You might also recognize the scent in the spa as we change the Aromatherapy for each season.)

Winter: warming and immune building
Spring: cleansing and renewing 
Summer: cooling and soothing 
Fall: balancing and grounding

The name says it all. This experience inspired by ancient Ayurvedic (eastern) wisdom, is a wonderful introduction to Ayurveda. Combining our spa’s six most popular experiences and our special season-ings essential oils into one divine total body experience. This treatment includes a footbath and scrub, botanical body mask, herbal exfoliation with dry brushing, massage, hot towel wrap, and mini-face treatment. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and nourished. Perfect for those that want to experience it all.

FEET FIRST – 60 minutes
Tension Relief. The reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to points located throughout the body. Massaging reflex points relieves your entire body’s tension. This experience begins with a seasonings foot soak and scrub. A foot and hand massage focusing on vital energy points follows. While hands and feet absorb in the essential oils, the head neck and shoulders are massaged. A great head to toe tension reliever for any season.

Adjusting these signature spa experiences to the seasons, changes the results and the benefits. All feature our unique seasonings blend of essential oils.

SCRUB & MASSAGE – 90 minutes
A body scrub to revive the skin teamed with a full body massage using aromatherapy oil adjusted for seasonal needs help you find your energy whatever the season.

BATH & MASSAGE – 90 minutes
A therapeutic seasonal bath has been used for centu-ries for healing and when combined with a nurturing seasonal Aromatherapy massage this treatment helps the body keep in tune with seasonal changes.

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