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  • Willow Stream Couples Massage

Side-by-Side Massage—60/90 minutes
Time together
The perfect gift is spending time together. Enjoy a break from the pressures of everyday life with a side-by-side massage for two, in a spa suite overlooking the Nile.

Stone Massage—60/90 minutes
Muscle melt
A deep-heat massage, performed with warmed stones and rich aromatherapy oils,relieves muscle tension and melts away stress.

Sports Massage—60/90 minutes
Muscle recovery
Combining deep tissue work with stretching, rocking and circulation, which moves lactic acid out of the system. A mild soreness may result.

Maternity Massage—60 minutes
For mothers-to-be A pampering experience designed with the safety of mother and child in mind. A customized approach helps to ease sore spots and improve mobility.

Stress-Relief Massage—60/90 minutes
Willow Stream signature
This customized, medium-pressure massage experience, designed with the sole purpose of stress relief, focuses on all of your main tension points—head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Thai Massage – 60/90 minutes
Asian Experience

This oil-free healing therapy massage – which has been taught, practiced, andhanded down through generations in Thailand for over 2,500 years – is basedon a series of passive acupressure and stretching techniques using the therapist’sfingers, thumbs, elbows, arms, and feet allowing the body’s internal energy toflow freely and alleviating problematic conditions such as lower back pain,arthritis, headaches, and stress-related conditions improving flexibility andbalancing the body’s energy system.

Reflexology—60/90 minutes
One of the world’s oldest healing methods, reflexology is a unique massage technique, applied to the feet and hands, that is designed to bring the body into balance. A head, neck and shoulder massage is also included.

Relaxation Massage—60/90 minutes
This tailored, full-body Swedish massage uses long, smooth, relaxing strokes to increase circulation and promote relaxation.

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