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The Bund

Truly the social heart of Shanghai and the origin of the city known as the Pearl of the Orient, this area is home to a myriad of European-styled buildings that face the Huangpu River. Also a hot spot for chic restaurants and shopping opportunities, the Bund is a must-see site when visiting Shanghai. Architectural styles include gothic, baroque, Romanesque, and renaissance. Locals say the best time for a stroll through the region is after dark, when the beautiful buildings are lit and the dynamic skyline of Pudong glows across the Huangpu river. Fairmont Peace Hotel is the landmark building on The Bund.


Bund Museum

This museum chronicles the development of one of the city's most culturally rich neighborhoods. The Bund, which faces the Huangpu River, is an area with outstanding European architecture. Buildings display Gothic, baroque, Romanesque, and Renaissance touches. The museum has a number of photographic displays and an observatory deck that overlooks both the Bund and Pudong. There is an intimate shop, where visitors can buy a drink and enjoy the view. 1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu.

Huangpu River Cruise

With so many different cruise options, there is no excuse not to enjoy at least a short river cruise. Cruises range from a quick 30 minutes to 4 hours. Along the way you will see the glory of Shanghai from a completely new perspective. The Bund, Jin Mao Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Huangpu Park are just a few of the many sights to be seen. Some evening cruises also include dinner under the glittering lights of Shanghai’s skyscrapers.


Pu Dong

Shanghai city is divided into two sections, the Puxi and the Pudong – the more recently developed section of the city center. Located on the eastside of the Huangpu River, Pudong is the financial center. Metro: Lujiazui Lu (Line 2)


Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is a great way to get across the Huangpu River if you are on any side of the river and want to go to the other. The entrance on the Bund side is connected to the underground pedestrian tunnel of East Nanjing Road - just under the Chen Yi Square.


Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Towering high above Pudong New Area, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower has been the outstanding landmark of Shanghai since its completion in 1995. The tower is 468 m high, the highest in Asia and the third highest in the world, next to the 553–meter-high CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, and the 540-meter-high TV Tower in Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Russia.  The tower includes 15 spheres of different sizes at different levels creating an artistic conception of "large and small pearls dropping onto a jade plate". It has become a symbolic piece of architecture and a favorite sight for tourists in Shanghai.


Jin Mao Tower

The Jin Mao building is a superb design, combining elements of traditional Chinese architecture and a gothic influence to produce this amazingly modern building. Architects designed the building around the theme of the Chinese pagoda and the number 8 (the number 8 is considered extremely lucky by Chinese people): the lowest segment of the building is sixteen stories high and each succeeding segment is 1/8th smaller than its predecessor. There's an observation deck on the 88th floor where you have spectacular views of the neighboring skyscrapers and the sprawling city.


Shanghai World Financial Center

Located in the center of Pudong with 101 floors above ground level and soaring 474 meters above the ground, the 100th floor observation deck – the world’s highest observatory - provides a spectacular view of downtown Shanghai and the Huangpu River below.


People’s Square
Once the home to the city's racetracks, the region today is a center of culture and the arts. The main focus of the area is the impressive Shanghai Museum.  Other interesting sites include the Grand Theater, and Shanghai Art Museum. Surrounded by government buildings, this square is truly an urban park with beautiful greenery. There is an impressive fountain, subway station and underground shopping. This is a great place to just watch people for a while. METRO: People's Square 


Shanghai Grand Theater

Shanghai Grand Theater is located to the north of People's Square in the heart of the city. Since its opening on August 27, 1998, the Shanghai Grand Theatre has staged operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, chamber music concerts, spoken dramas and various Chinese operas.


Shanghai Museum

201 Renmin Dadao, People’s Square
Considered by many to be the best museum in China, the Shanghai Museum has 11 galleries and over 120,000 historic artifacts. The Stone Sculpture Gallery and the Bronze gallery are the most popular with collections dating back to the 18th century B.C.


Shanghai Art Museum 

325 Nanjing Xi Lu, People’s Square
Shanghai Art Museum is an art gallery in the city of Shanghai, China. It is located in the former clubhouse building of the Shanghai Racing Club. Today, it is the home of the Shanghai biennial and stands adjacent to People's Square. It sits on the edge of People’s Square, and was once the Shanghai Horse Racing course. Shanghai Art Museum is a nonprofit institution engaged in the public utility. It is well equipped and has certain impact on the modern Art. Shanghai Art Museum boasts more than 8,000 existing collections. By storage, the museum actively carries out the study both in theory and in art galleries focused on China’s contemporary art history and offers optimum condition for storage, exhibition display, educational fair, foreign exchanges and other events. The special session "Shanghai Biennale" held once every two years is one of China’s most important events and seminars, counting an international known featured project.


Yu Yuan Garden

In the center of Old Town, just southwest of the Bund, the Garden of Peace and Comfort offers an escape from the fast pace of the surrounding city. With 30 pavilions and over 5 acres, this 16th century garden can be explored for days. Of the many temples and halls, the Grand Rockery is the most popular. Two thousand tons of rare yellow stones are combined with rice glue to form a massive sculpture that stands 46 feet high. 13 Anren Lu


Taikang Lu

Taikang lu is a perfect place to relax and escape from hectic Shanghai.  When you are on Taikang lu itself, it seems to be just a random Shanghainese street plastered with small shops on every corner. But as soon as you enter a little alley you will find yourself placed into a complete different time and place. There are uncountable small galleries, shops, flats and restaurants in traditional, old Chinese houses. This place is so enchanting because you get the impression that the flair and atmosphere of Paris was caught and brought to Taikang lu. No matter what your heart is longing for you can get everything there. Whether it is a romantic dinner, some unique clothes, handmade jewelry, paintings, photographs or delicious food, you will find it there.


Jade Buddha Temple

This is the most famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai and serves as host to the beautiful white jade Buddha statues carved from a single slab of Burmese jade and brought to China from Myanmar in 1882. Built in the traditional Song Dynasty style, Buddhist scriptures and paintings grace the interior of this temple. More than 70 monks live here today.  170 Anyuan Lu


Jing An Temple

Built between 220 and 280 AD, this is thought to be one of the oldest temples in Shanghai.  With its unmistakable bright yellow walls shining brightly on Shanghai's busiest road, Nanjing Xi Lu, this is a one of the most popular Shanghai attractions where monks can often be seen chanting. Metro: Jing An   1700 Nanjing Xi Lu

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