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Herb Garden and Honey Bee Apiary

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Located on the 3rd floor of the hotel rests a 2,100 square foot herb garden introduced in 1991, that also became one of Vancouver's first green roofs. Reflecting The Fairmont Waterfront's eco hotel philosophy, the garden plays home to over twenty varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible blossoms, as well as over 10 different species of local birds. The Chef uses the bounty from the garden daily in ARC Restaurant menus, and to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. Find out more about our Vancouver eco hotel initiatives. 

Garden Views
Enjoy the view of the herbs and flowers from your Fairmont guestroom or request a Terrace Room with a private patio leading out to the garden.

Honeybee Apiary
The Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver is the proud home of six honeybee hives on the hotel’s third-floor terrace.  The hotel’s inaugural honeybee season in 2008 produced a harvest from three hives, while in 2009 the hotel captured a fourth hive of wild bees that outgrew their original home in nearby Stanley Park.  Summer 2011 brought an additional hive, bringing the apiary to just over 500,000 honey bees.  Our bees winter at the Honeybee Centre in Cloverdale, B.C. and reside in the Fairmont Waterfront harbor garden from May to September each year.

The bees forage over 26 square miles and bring back honey from over 60 different species of plants, collecting The Fairmont Waterfront’s largest volumes of honey from two sources, blackberry blossoms and American bamboo blossoms. Our busy bees will visit over 1 million flowers to produce one pound of honey. 

Vital Stats: 500,000 honeybees living in six beehives produce 600-800 pounds of honey per year, with an additional 4,000 pounds harvested from off-site hives.

Special Products:
 "Bee" sure to join us all year long in ARC as Executive Chef Dana Hauser creates honey infused dishes seasonally.   In addition to using their honey in chocolate, pastries, salad dressings and signature cocktails, The Fairmont Waterfront serves a Fairmont ‘Stinger’ Honey Lager brewed in partnership with local Whistler Brewing Company.

The Buzz For 2014
The Fairmont Waterfront has added a very exciting partnership with Hives for Humanity, who have introduced mason bees to the hotel’s garden as part of the amazing Pollinator Corridor Project.  This community outreach initiative is committed to populating Vancouver green spaces with mason bees and houses in an effort to build up local bee populations.  

These super pollinators live in tiny tubes and don't produce honey but are great for the garden (and the planet).  They are very docile members of the bee family and will live in harmony with the existing honey bees.  The Fairmont Waterfront was able to sponsor this project and other great initiatives with Hives For Humanity through a Fairmont CAREs grant.  

Herb Garden and Bee Hive Tours
Guests of the hotel are invited to join the daily garden and hive tours (May through September) with Bee Butler Michael King and his team of 'Bee Buddies'.  Please contact us at for additional information or to confirm a reservation.





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