The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Beach Club: Your Ultimate Relaxation Destination

The Beach Club

At the Beach Club, the ambiance is laid-back and welcoming. The atmosphere is carefully curated to offer a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. Plush seating arrangements are scattered across the sun-drenched deck, providing both shaded and sunny spots to cater to your preference. Whether you're lounging on a chaise with a book in hand or gathering with friends at a cozy table, the Beach Club ensures you feel right at home.



Watch Sports Games
Sports enthusiasts will find their paradise here. The Beach Club features multiple large screens strategically placed to offer a great view from any spot. Catch your favorite sports games live, from thrilling soccer matches and basketball showdowns to intense tennis duels and golf tournaments. The high-quality audio system ensures you don't miss a moment of the commentary, making the experience immersive and exciting.

Lunch and Light Bites
When it comes to food, the Beach Club excels in offering a variety of delectable options. The menu is crafted to cater to different tastes, featuring a mix of hearty lunches and light bites. Enjoy freshly caught seafood, vibrant salads, and gourmet sandwiches that highlight the best of coastal cuisine. Every dish is prepared with the finest ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite.

Refreshing Drinks
Quench your thirst with an extensive selection of drinks. The Beach Club offers everything from classic cocktails and chilled beers to fine wines and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Sip on a tropical mojito, indulge in a glass of crisp chardonnay, or enjoy a cool, invigorating smoothie as you take in the panoramic ocean views. The talented bartenders are always ready to mix up something special just for you.

 Ocean Backdrop
The pièce de résistance of the Beach Club is undoubtedly its breathtaking backdrop. The expansive view of the ocean is nothing short of mesmerizing. Watch the waves roll in and out, observe surfers catching the perfect wave, and marvel at the stunning sunset painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. The ocean provides a serene and picturesque setting, enhancing the overall experience of relaxation and enjoyment.


Day Pass
Discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados this summer with our Beach Club Day Pass.   
Cost of the Beach Club Day Pass is $50 USD/$100 BDS.  

  • Umbrella
  • Beach Chair
  • $40 BBD Food and Beverage Credit
  • Access to all Beach Club facilities 
  • 10% discount on watersports
Check-in time: 10:00 am. Check-out time: 5:00 pm 
Bookings can be made by calling the hotel directly at 246-422-5555.
The Beach Club is more than just a place; it's an experience. Whether you're here to unwind after a long week, catch a thrilling sports game, savor a delicious meal, or simply enjoy a drink with friends, the Beach Club offers the perfect setting. The combination of a relaxed atmosphere, great food and drinks, and the stunning ocean view makes it a destination you’ll want to return to again and again.