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The island of Barbados is known for its British traditions, tropical scenery and beautiful gardens. Situated on the island's serene west coast, Fairmont Royal Pavilion reflects these same traits in service, landscape design, and elaborate, colourful gardens.

The renowned landscape architect Fernando Tabora designed the gardens. Tabora landscaped the properties by blending natural tropical beauty with Mediterranean style architecture. Much of the greenery and tropical buds offer shading, creating a feeling of privacy among the intimate courtyards, water features and larger public areas, many of which overlook the Caribbean Sea.

Fairmont Royal Pavilion features open-air atriums and pathways that are covered in Petrea Volubilas, a vine bearing purple and white flower. Leading off the open pathways are the ocean-facing guestrooms on one side, and secluded gardens on the other where guests can escape to enjoy tropical breezes and the scent of tropical flowers.    

The estate’s entire flora is native to the region. Among the diverse greenery are more than 100 coconut trees; over 50 palm trees including Golden, McArthur and Sago; mango, breadfruit, cherry and banana trees; multi-coloured Frangipani trees; and numerous flowering plants.   

Many of the trees and flowers have become rare specimens and offer interesting tales. When the Portuguese explorer, Pedro a Campos, charted the island in the 17th century, it was uninhabited. As the sailor took in the lush tropical surroundings, he spotted figs trees with clumps of bushy roots that resembled beards hanging from branches. From that came the name Barbados, which in Portuguese means “the bearded ones”.   

Another interesting tree is the Traveller Palm whose leaves hold water. For centuries, thirsty adventurers have broken off the leaves to drink. The Bird Claw, another Bajan native, is a vine that wraps itself around the trunk of trees and creeps its way to the top. It only flowers once a year in June producing a profusion of beautiful yellow flowers that cover the length of the vine and the entire tree trunk.

For guests who want to learn more about the gardens at The Fairmont Royal Pavilion, botanical tours are conducted every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. by one of the garden supervisors.


Taboras Restaurant

Taboras offers an open kitchen concept and an expansive bar. Conveniently located by the pool.

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