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Fairmont Barcelona is pleased to present these upcoming activities created for the enjoyment of our visitors.

23rd March: Spring Kitchen Workshop - 29€ per person

Seasonal produce is at the heart of our restaurants at Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I. In this workshop we will discover how to make the most of the fantastic produce in season in springtime with the following recipes:

  • Yellow and pickled tomato and cockle gazpacho
  • Strawberries, vegetables, flowers, and beef slices
  • Roasted Tuna Steak with seaweed, green leaves and smoked pepper
  • Cherries stuffed with candied pistachio cream and white chocolate soup

6th April: Plant Based Cooking - 35€/person
Our head chef will explain the methodology of the preparation of a completely plant based menu, for a healthier diet. It’s a great way to discover the world of possibilities that vegan cuisine offers. We are going to prepare the following menu:
  • Salad of root vegetables, earth, seeds, vegetables and cream of leeks
  • Casserole of vegetables, tubers, seaweed and spiced juice
  • Strudel of celery, parsnips, pumpkin, sweet onion, clover and vanilla foam
  • Beet Tatin, orange and cereal cookie

13th April: World of Chocolate - 35€/person
Join us on a journey into the fascinating world of chocolate that begins in Latin America, going  via Cuba, arriving in Tanzania and ending in Asia. At the same time we will learn the basic techniques for chocolate preparations of:
  • Cakes
  • Rocks
  • Volcano Cake
  • Mousse
4th May: Alternatives to Wheat - 35€/person
In this workshop we will break the myth that gluten-free and lactose-free dishes have little flavour. Our expert will guide us to discover the secrets of preparing lactose & gluten free savoury and sweet food .

25th May: Ceviches - 35€/person
We will take a gastronomic tour going from Mexico to South America passing through Polynesia and Asia. Together we will learn how to prepare:
  • Traditional sea bass ceviche
  • Shellfish ceviche
  • Octopus Ceviche
  • Seaweed and vegetable ceviche
  • Thai ceviche
  • Pineapple and passion fruit ceviche
1st June: Modern Ice Cream - 35€/person
Chocolate ice cream, vanilla, lemon...? Nooo! Today we are going to prepare ice creams and sorbets that you would never find in a traditional ice cream parlour. We will learn the techniques of preparing:
  • Avocado ice cream
  • White coffee ice cream
  • White garlic ice cream
  • Pisco sour sorbet
  • Sangria sorbet
  • Bread with tomato sorbet
29th June: Bowls & Summer Sandwiches - 35€/person
Summer is the time of fresh, creative and simple flavourful food. In this workshop we will learn how to prepare salads in bowls and original sandwiches adding a touch of colour and freshness to the summer season. 
  • Salad of seasonal tomatoes, mató (Catalan fresh cheese), pesto cream and gazpacho
  • Bowl of nectarine, plum, Cecina (salted and dried beef), green sprouts, red quinoa, chia and cashew nuts
  • Bowl of salmon marinated with citrus, wheat, fermented vegetables and kefir lime 
  • Wasabi and ginger bread with shrimp, crab, sour cream and citrus sprouts
  • Oil bread with 48 hours confited and spiced veal, avocado, pickles and mustard grains
  • Cereal bread, seaweed, vegetables and olive tartar, tomato and soy with smoked cream and kimchi


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